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  • Hello, And thank you ahead of time if anyone is able to help

    I would like some advice. Number one i am bord. I have no social life. Im in nursing school and have no money. My heart was broken over 8 months now and my ex invited me out for my bday wich is next week, i declined =( I dont want to b hurt agin..So sit here with regret and confusion.

    I started taling this this man by email only and he owuld like to meet, im just not sure if i should? i dont think its worth it. And im afrid im losing control of my body, bacause im bord and havent dated since the break up, I am interested in fidning good company. Next steps dont matter to me. Although welcome if the perfect man comes in my life.

    Whats in store for me? what should i do to feel alive again, but in control of my self? please help

  • Hi, I'll do a Tarot reading for you. My advice is to believe in the positive. Don't believe in the negative. I think you've made good choices. It's ok to wait. I've learned to realize that everyday holds new surprises and things to do. Celebrate today.

  • Do you ever go out with your fellow students or friends for some social entertainment? Have you considered joining a club or playing some sport or taking up a hobby you can share with others? There are plenty of ways to entertain yourself - you don't need a relationship for that. In fact, that's entirely the wrong reason to find a partner. It should be for love, not because you are bored.

    I think it's your self-reliance and fear of giving up your independence that stops you finding a partner. You fear a settled 'normal' married life in dull suburbia. You're a rebel at heart and are attracted to bad boys who won't settle down. You still need direction but probably have trouble taking it. Love doesn't have to mean submission, though. A strong loving relationship will strengthen you, bring you joy, and stabilize you. You are attracted to people with strong egos, mistaking that for true strength of character. Strong egos like to control others, which is something you love/hate. You must stop seeking partners who will play the role of the dad who will spank you for your naughtiness, just because you like playting the bad mad child that nobody can control. You need someone who will let you have a lot of freedom - someone you may constantly run away from and back to. You hate/love constant surveillance.

    If you can team up with someone who is not subject to the same turbulent, torturous fears of giving up independence, you will discover what it means to be a grown-up and have an adult relationship. It will be hard because part of you will always want to be a child rather than the parent. Making a connection with someone who is more able to handle intimacy will show you how to have a relationship and what your real contribution is going to be. At the moment, subconsciously you would rather be alone than deal with the responsibilities of a grown-up relationship. Equality in a love match is what you must seek. And you will only attract it when you are fully mature and responsible inside.

  • Hi, You had an excellent reading. I drew the Star above your situation. Don't give up until you have acquired what you want. You are persevering. In near past shows struggle but movement. You are able to make decisions w/o fear and doubt. Below the situation is the Empress. For now, try to simply be. Listen to your intuition. In long run, things will work if you commit yourself to your sense of purpose. Follow your own star.

    Are there issues w/money. I drew the 4 of coins as your center card. When I draw this card for some it means they spend too loosely. I get the impression from you that funds may be low and this is more of an issue than anything at present. Your not letting anything go to waste.

    What a bright future (near future) is heading your way. Seems you'll be happier emotionally. I drew the nine of cups in your near future. Also, the page of coins. You'll be getting the news that you need. Probably financial, career etc.

    If your wondering if your goal is worth the struggle--it is.

    In your hopes and fears I drew the 5 of Cups. You have a sense of loss that sort of surrounds you. Emotional loss. Count your blessings, all is not lost. Wait for clear direction.

    I drew 5 major arcana cards in this reading. Do you feel like your learning a lot of lessons. I've read that if you draw this many in one reading, your situation is destiny. As for your situation, you may make some sense of this. I drew the Justice card in your environment. Turbulent time is coming to pass. Strength as your final outcome. Don't let anything stand in your way.

    Your situation is not as bad as what you may think. This was an extremely positive reading. It shows you as having the abilities to succeed. Lately, I've done readings that show a very bright outcome. Then there's an obstacle in the You position or below the situation. Below your situation it's telling you to trust your intuition. Also, in the You position it's telling you to count your blessings and look at what you have.

    Hope this helps.


    Yes this help me out lot, thank you so much for your time as well. I have been realy tens for a wile now to the pint I think its time to go see a doctor about it. So, I needed to talk.


    I am a full time nursing student, no work. So money is much needed and wanted. So so tired of been so broke. But school is going well and almost ending yay! My family helps me out a lot.

    Emotional loss:

    I still feel sorrow about my ex leaving me ( 9 months ago!). you said its not a complete loss? He invited me to dinner for my bday. I accepted then I declined because he replied a what I feel to be a aggressive msg. He probably didn’t mean to be, but his very large ego is not acceptable here anymore. I sent him a msg explaining why I declined and he hasn’t replied, it has been 3 days now.

    I do have a nice future a head of me and that gives me strength to look forward. But this man is haunting me. (my ex)

    Thank you again, very much.

    Sweetoty 😃


    i have been trying to find a hobby for when i am done with school. 😃 and i will..

    i do have i very important question for you and it will sound funny. But I must ask to know.

    Yoy say i must fine equality in a relationship. Does taht mean, same hopes, dreams, goals, wants, needs. Someone told me, my relationship with m y ex dident work out because we wore not equals. I dident ask questions about it. . I think it is becasue he is a doctor and well, im not. Does that have to do with equality?

    Thank you Captain for helping me. 😃

  • Equality of spirit is what is important. You don't have to have the same dreams or hopes but you do have to treat each other (and everyone else) with respect and compassion, knowing no matter what earthly profession, intelligence level, money, or status anyone has, deep down we are all the same immortal powerful beings. Sweetoty, you must first believe you are as good as and equal to everyone else before you can attract someone who will treat and respect you the same way. Anyone who looks down on others and thinks they are superior are really very weak and disrespectful souls.

  • captain,

    thank you for clerifying. I have been notising couples that have that, so i been seen that lately like if someone out there is pointing it out to me.....and that is what i want. more then anything.

    p.s im working on my inner rebel. 😉

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