Captain, would love your advice please

  • I've read thru many of your posts, you seem gentle and kind and everyone seems to feel you are accurate.

    If you could take the time to help me I would greatly appreciate it. The man I love, (a virgo, 9/18/71) and I are having a terrible time right now. Do you see this getting any better soon? I'm just not sure what I'm supposed to do any more. My birthday is 3/4/66.



  • This can be a difficult relationship for love. There is an innate sympathy between you though and, combined with your open kind of communication, can lead to the pursuit of challenging goals and far-reaching thoughts and ideas. Together you enjoy exploring areas beyond ordinary limitations and in fact have a tendency to get carried away. You both demand challenge, especially in your working and leisure lives, but you must learn that moderation and prudency are not dirty words. Taking calculated risks together is your particular forte but knowing when to stop will be important, since you are sometimes tempted to gamble everything on the single throw of a dice. Your partner will have to exert every ounce of his self-control to keep the relationship grounded and that may be rather exhausting for him. Highly inspirational, this matchup can overcome substantial odds in its battle against daunting forces. Together you may travel to different lands or seek out somewhat dangerous activities that spur you on to give your all.

    As a lover, your partner will generally be sensitive to your need to spend time alone. He will certainly want your attention at some point, having needs of his own, but periodic expressions of love and sympathy from you will go a long way to satisfying him. Just don't neglect his needs for too long or he will look elsewhere for attention. In marriage or a long-term affair, the relationship may encounter a chronic health problem in one of you, which will demand extreme loyalty, patience, and understanding from the other. Should this difficulty be overcome, it will often deepen and broaden your bond.

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