Full moon tonight, lets do a full moon spread

  • heres a spread from Jette's Tarot for All Seasons if anyone else wants to join me tonight

    Full Moon Spread

    It's thrown on the shape of a full moon, clockwise.

    1. Relationships

    What you need to know about developing your potential in relationship to others. The truth of your relationships, be they lover/coworker/family/friend.

    2. The Power of Choice

    What decision needs to be made now to fully express your potential? What will free your creativity?

    3. Manifesting Goals

    What action do you need to take on the physical plan to reinforce your magical (or tarot) workings? What can you do in the mundane world to support your spirit's desire?

    4. Creativity

    The Mother has given you talents, abilities and gifts. What must you do to fully express them? If you don't like this card, it is because the card shows blocks that you need to address before you can realize your full creative gifts.

    5. Protection

    Shows you where to establish personal boundaries so you do not give your personal power away. What do you need to protect?

    6. Psychic Gifts

    How can you best develop your intuition? If position 6 is a Court Card, it suggests the appearance of a teacher, guide or mentor.

    7. Blessings and Spiritual Direction

    The Mother wants you to celebrate the joy of being alive.

    What do you have to be thankful for? How can you best express the Goddess in you?

  • Here are the cards that i've drawn:

    1. five of pentacles

    2. 10 of wands

    3. hermit

    4. 4 of wands

    5. emperor

    6. 6 of cups

    7. fool

    Can you try and interpret the spread for me, please? 🙂

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