Goin through a HARD time.

  • Could someone give me some advice on whats goin on in my life right now. Having a very hard time with my husband of 18 yrs. I love him very much and would like to get our marriage back on track. I dont know if you need our birthdates but here they are anyway. Mine 9/02/68, His 5/18/70.

  • not getting to personal but what is the problem? as for your signs you two are very compatible. But what happens sometimes when people are together a long time they some how forget what brought them together. i believe what got you two together should always stay your main focus cause normally with time and effort that whats hold it together.

  • We have had a very rough year. The things that started it all is that he has a gambling problem and he broke my trust in him by txting other women saying he was trying to help them get through a death in her family and I was going through the same thing (brother) yet I didnt get the attention she was getting. At the time I felt there were no problems in our marriage so I was very hurt.

    I tried and tried to talk with him about what I was feeling so that we could get passed it and be happy. It seems as though things just kept getting worse. I met a man that was there for me to talk to when I needed it as far as friendship. Nothing more at that time. Months later it did progress into a "friends with benefits" kind of thing. In that time there have been four women that come up on his end. The two in the beginning (txting) another that he worked with and my dnlaw. He and my dnlaw were in an eight month "relationship", according to him.

    Now that I read what I have told you I think I know what I need to do. But would still like to hear what you see for our future.

  • the only thing i can come up with is it worth it anymore, it seems the both of you have basically moved on. but still continue to stay on familiar grounds and you got to wonder is that fair to either one of you guys and you have to consider the other people that you are involving in you guys lives and problems so i hope the best for you both.

  • Sounds very painful. You must love him as I feel he probably does to, however, has taken advantage of everything--betrayed your trust. I can do a reading. Give me a while.

  • Daliolite,

    A reading would be great. Could your reading include both of these men. The "friend's" dob is 11/14/72. Need all the help I can get on this subject. Thank you very much.


    I am starting to believe that also. I feel that neither one of us wants to admit it though. 18 yrs is alot to let go of.

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