I met someone amazing! Anyone for a reading?

  • My birthday is 11/14/89 and his is 2/24/84. He doesn't live in my city, but I have a really good feeling about it and would love to hear from someone about it!

    Thank you in advance to any generous forum members. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi Leikelaa, I don't know specifically what it is your wondering about. I did a reading for you, Tarot. All in all this was an excellent reading. There are some things to watch for, mainly in your dealings. The cards seem to be pointing to the West. The future for you seems to be bright. The cards are saying don't compromise your position. Stand up for who you are and what you are. Be firm, might have to fight for what you believe in. Might have to fight for what you want or need. Firm statement, or all out war.

    In your position I drew the Moon. Says you can project your fears into relationships. Don't accept illusions. Need to accept things for what they are. Things aren't clear right now in love life. Trust your instincts, could be deception.

    I don't know if this is right but shows your past as being very bright. What I get out of this reading is for you to follow your own light, instincts. This may not work out as expected but as long as your steering your own ship, you can expect that you'll be ok. Don't be deceived by anyone.

  • This relationship often focuses on fidelity, loyalty and a determination never to give up, no matter what. Although you two are water signs and are fluid in your orientation, the relationship is ruled by earth, an element emphasizing groundedness. The more you two are pressured or attacked, the more you resist, so that your matchup, for better and worse, is generally characterized by stubbornness. The relationship has a certain sensitivity, which it usually reserves, however, for interactions between the two of you yourselves and may neglect or ignore others to some extent. Thus, its tough exterior can hide a sensitive and emotional core.

    This is especially clear in a love affair or friendship, which can allow empathy and deep feeling. You two are capable of loving each other deeply, but this need not always imply sensual or sexual activity or even romance; respect and understanding are more likely to determine this relationship's tone. Still stronger will be a realistic, even pragmatic, common-sense orientation. Should you decide to marry, you may make a go of it and have a good chance for a long life together, since you have few illusions about each other from the start. Problems can arise through hidden activities (you both like to keep some things about yourself private or go off on your own from time to time) and a certain amount of dishonesty, intentional or not. But when you two do conceal painful information, it is often out of consideration for each other's feelings.

    Learning to keep out of other people's business, or even to draw strict boundaries between what is yours and what is the (family, professional or social) group's, may be critically important in assuring your credibility or status as a couple.

    ADVICE: Dishonesty only saves pain in the short run. Don't crowd peopleโ€”back off. Try to listen to what is being said. Insist on what is yours - and only yours.

  • Thank you both so much for your insights!

    I guess my question more specifically would have been "Where could this possibly be headed given the circumstances?" Is there hope for the relationship, do you see a future for it, that kind of thing. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Captain, your reading sounds like it has astrological influence from our two signs? I will be careful to heed your advice about not crowding. The physical distance between us is the hard thing.

    And Daliolite, that sounds like good advice to me in all areas of life. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you both.

  • There is definitely hope and a future or this relationship - just make sure you are both honest with each other and respect each other's space. Also don't forget about friends and family while you are wrapped up in this relationship.

  • Hi, One of the cards I drew spoke of the West. Is this pertinent to your situation. The reading was for you. I was just wondering what portion may have been speaking about your friend, if at all. Did any of it ring true besides being good advice. Thanks.

  • Hi Daliolite, I read your reading again. By the West, did you mean geographically? I was a little unclear on that part as there's not much in my life that would point that way -- except for maybe our mutual interest in Chicago? ๐Ÿ™‚ But I think the part about projecting my fears into relationships is very true and something I'd like to work on. As far as having a bright past, I would certainly agree to that. One more question: about the possibility of deception, did that pertain to this relationship or was it general? I'm very pleased with the reading!

    And thank you, Captain, for clarifying that some more. It's very good to hear those words coming from you, and I will keep them in mind. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I haven't learned the direction of each suit of cards. This is something I have to learn. One position mentioned the West. As far as deception, that card was in regard to You (position.) The Moon. Since your question was regarding this relationship I would be cautious. Maybe you need to be more cautious. Go online and look up the meaning of the Moon in a tarot reading. It would help you understand what the cards may be saying. I'm kinda like a intermediary.

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