What Is A Psychic Reading

  • Hello to one and all. I'm here today only to write this information about what I feel a psychic reading is and does for myself along with others. A psychic reading is intended to be much like a road map to give you direction in life. You can through your God given free will change the direction given if you are inclined to. Let's say that you are given a reading and told that you will meet the man that you will marry and that he lives in or has lived in CA. He is a business man and will dress accordingly. You than certainly have your eyes open for this man to appear in your life. He doesn't until three years down the road when your life circumstance has changed and you yourself are more mature and ready to step into a marriage. Three years is a long wait you say, yes I agree it is and if I wanted to in which I did not, I could have said the psychic was off and incorrect due to the timing and long duration in which it took for the prediction to happen.

    Timing dear hearts is so very hard to pinpoint in a reading due to the fact that each one of us has a master plan in which majors changes will happen as destine to and we must allow a window of time to expand for these changes to occur.

    I had a favorite psychic that I would consult when major changes in my life were about to occur and Tim was one that first and foremost believed in the power of positive thinking and sending out to the universe what you desired to happen. He was seventy per cent accurate which I would call very good for most psychic's to achieve, as no one that I have met including myself is 100% accurate. Psychic are either born with the gift of sight or achieve it through learning and a mentor of choice.

    I developed mine at the age of 29 and begin to read at 32 years old. I did attend a metaphysical church and took some classes for a deeper understanding. Friends I would read for told other friends and soon my phone was ringing with requests I could not keep up with due to working a full time job. I love doing readings for people and helping them to connect to the source of higher power (at least think about it) for their answers they are seeking as they walk through this journey called Life.

    Please keep in mine that you should not live your life through a psychic, this makes for a weak constitution at times, and of course someone else to blame if what was said just does not happen to the T. Respect your advisor and make sure they are the one you are looking for to answer the question you have in mine.

    With Fond Wishes for your future and New Year


  • Great Information.

    Happy New Year, keep it up ! 🙂

  • Shuabby, what a wonderful description. I have always felt the same way that a reading is "direction". I've heard timing is difficult as so much depends on the choices I make down the road. So true. You may be destined to meet Mr. Wonderful on Thursday at the library as some psychic reading described but if you choose to avoid that part of town, don't cross paths with that person or purposely avoid such a contact, naturally it will not happen, not because the reader was wrong but based on the choices you made.

    I've often had readers tell me that I could do this myself but I value their insight nonetheless. The guide of a reading is not a to do list. I have always had those nagging gut feelings and all too often have ignored them coming from myself (stupid I know). But if a psychic gave me the same warning or shall I say awareness in a reading I might be less inclined to ignore the same information.

    So you said it's guidance, a road map if you will, but ultimately what direction you choose, which turns you make along the way belong to you.

  • Dear Shuabby,

    I have not been here since the last reading I received from you. I wanted to read my horoscope before I started my day and decided to quickly take a look at the 'latest discussions.'

    I randomly picked this topic and here You are 🙂

    Thank you for your insight and I hope all is well in your life.

    And just in case you are wondering....YES, you are greatly missed !

    Blessings to you, Dear Shuabby

  • Dear December Girl,

    Thank you for the kindness and respect you have always shown me. I do readings through e-mail and can receive payment through pay-pal. I will be super busy in Feb due to a long distance move we are getting ready to make, if you would send me your personal e-mail address trough Tarot.com than I will give you the information needed to contact me for e-mail readings.


  • Shuabby,

    You are so right, the road map is only meant to be a guideline....Sometimes in life as in a road journey we may not take the directions pointed out to us. As you say they are only a guideline to try and help us along our way. If we were to live our lives solely based on a psychic reading then we are not living our life but rather that of an outside influence.

    Your advice and insight along with all the other wonderful readers on this site have been of great comfort to me but that is all it is, advice. What I do with that advice and how I adapt it to my life is my decision and my decision alone.

    Best of luck with the move........



  • Actually I feel that all genuine psychic readers are 100% accurate with what they see - it's just that a prediction can change as quickly as the person it is given to changes. Even the reading itself can change the readee. All a reader cna do is tell you what is coming to you if you do absolutely nothing differently. Even by going a different way home after the reading can alter your life and thus the prediction. that's why i feel concentrating on making changes to your present life is more relaiable and valuable than a future prediction. A future reading is mainly good for making up your mind if you want to go in that direction or not.

  • Dearest Shuabby,

    I was so happy to 'see' you again here, even if it was just for a moment. I would love it if you would contact me, as your readings have always been positive and uplifting. Thank you for offering to keep in contact with me 🙂

    PLEASE contact me at luckylsa at hotmail dot com

    Hope you read this before it's removed...

    Can't Wait to hear from YOU!

    Hugs 🙂

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