Looking for some guidance

  • I am having some trouble with this issue, as it is far to emotional for me to be able to do a comprehensible tarot reading or even hear the guidance from within myself when I meditate, so any help will be greatly appreciated.

    A year ago, I met a person to whom I was immediately and strongly attracted. The energy was different somehow. Our interactions are always brief and superficial, and very few. However he has remained very important somehow, and recently I get nauseous when faced with him. Simple attraction I supposed.

    What I would like to know is why he is so very important? What am I supposed to learn from him/this experience? Is it a passing attraction to the unavailable? And I secretly wonder if there is any hope for anything more.

    Another hitching point is that I need to make an decision about the direction I will be taking in my current life path, and he would probably be helpful; however there is something that is stopping me from talking to him.

    I am really trying to understand, but I am at a loss on where to look anymore. In my meditations, I feel as though I am blocked from the answers by a physical force, but how am I to move on if I cannot let go? If I am told NOT to let go?

    Really muddled here....

  • I feel that there is a past life situation here where you two were lovers but it ended very badly with your death at his hands. That is the cause of both your attraction and your nausea. You are here to work through your issues with him outside of a love relationship which renders you unable to think or act clearly. You are here to see him as he really is and not what you wanted him to be (in both lives). In the past he had a deep dark hold over you - you must now break that hold through objectivity and seeing him in reality, not fantasy.

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