Advice/Reading Request - Captain or Blmoon??

  • Your friend just can't handle both an intense professional life AND an intense personal one.

  • I just miss him immensely...I really thought we had something going good for us.

    do either of you see when this new person will come into my life?

    I feel like right now I just need to take time for me...I don't even feel like trying to look for someone else. I'm so hurt...

  • Yes, take some time out for you. When you are ready, the right person will come.

  • Thanks Captain. I need all the support I can get. I am lost as to what to do now. I had high hopes for this relationship. I thought he and I were going to have a wonderful future. I wish he would just see that relationships require compromise and acceptance. I tried so hard to tell him that and all he came back with was “I don’t see a future with you” and “I thought I loved you before, but not now”

  • Daliolite - you pulled the five of coins for my Gemini and I's situation and future. I looked up the meaning of the five of coins like you asked me to and found the answer below. could you please give me some more insight? from what I'm getting from the explanation, I need to persist and try to make things work with him becuase we are on a journey. I could be interpreting it wrong, however. Please give me some guidance when possible...

    "the theme of pilgrimage can be easily inferred in the five of pentacles Tarot card meaning (Webster defines pilgrimage as: "a long journey taken as an act of faith or devotion").

    It is clear the figures in the card are downtrodden, but certainly not beaten. They endeavor. They find the internal fortitude to persist in their journey.

    To what are they driven? Why, against seemingly all odds, do they persist in their quest? Here are some ideas as to why they endeavor:

    The promise of security.

    The ideal of acceptance.

    The hope of better days ahead.

    The belief their efforts will be rewarded.

    When the five of pentacles shows up in our readings, in some fashion we are encountering the darkest before our personal dawn. This card beckons us to screw our courage to the sticking place and persist in following our anchoring beliefs. The card further urges us to bolster ourselves in the midst of what's likely to be a tremendously troublesome environment.

    The conditions we find ourselves in when pulling this card are potentially wicked, and they bite hard at our backs. Lack of money and poor health are cruel enough to darken the heart. But, perhaps the cruelest cut of all is ridicule or rejection from others who would (traditionally) be considered compassionate to us and our cause (i.e., the church, our family and friends).

    Indeed, we see evidence of this latter scenario in the card as the figures are often depicted as outcast from what looks to be an orthodox establishment, like a church or synagogue.

    The story of Mary and Joseph indicates their enduring hardship because their situation was unacceptable to the established normalcy of their time. The five of pentacles in a reading may indicate we too are moving to the rhythm of a dance that is not any part of the status quo.

    This heretical dancing often wreaks fear in conventional, sheep-like mentality (hearken back to my shepherds hook reference). Agreed, rebels aren't as quick to be stoned these days, but can certainly be subject to some painful criticism. Even from people and organizations who are supposed to be in a position of support and love.

    Be that as it may, this is the time our strength must be derived solely from our innermost founding faith.

    Resist the temptation to succumb.

    Drive on and continue following that bright North star to the promise land affixed in the eyes of your soul. "

    I found this on wwwDOTtarotteachingsDOTcomSLASHfive-of-pentacles

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  • Hi, You have to look at all the cards and draw a conclusion. Your center or present situation, I drew the 5 of Cups. The five of coins was around your center. Your future showed you carrying a tremendous burden. I draw the 5 of coins when the idea of marriage isn't coming to fruition. Coins usually point to material possessions--money, land, property etc. Your past showed a different story than the present. So, it's confusing. I feel that there's something that happened that triggered a memory (in your friend) of something in his past. What stands out to me in this reading is the burden that your carrying. I see the number 5 as change. You have 5's in your present condition. Change is not bad and may not be permanent. This reading can be looked at as a gauge or reflection. If you have any more questions, I'll try and help.

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