Advice/Reading Request - Captain or Blmoon??

  • Hello,

    I would like to get a reading for 2011 regarding life/love. could I get some help with this? My bday is 11/02/1983

    I was in a very steady, loving and healthy relationship with a Gemini man before this last week. we've have some bumps along the way, and right now we're separated. I think he still has feelings for me but it's just that we have communication issues. his bday is 05/21/1982.

    could I get a love reading for 2011 and our future as well?

    thanks in advance!! 🙂

  • It's not communication problems that ruin this relationship - it's power struggles and gender issues. You like to be in control and your friend likes to do things his own way. This relationship was doomed to fail because your friend is mostly interested in short term gratification and loses interest if someone tries to pin him down.

    ScorpVirgo, you are an attractive, lucky, magnetic person whose healing and sexual powers cannot be overlooked. In fact, you will sometimes find yourself involved emotionally or sexually with people who are insecure about their masculinity or femininity or somehow just have issues with sex in general. Not having such issues yourself, you are drawn to help these individuals. That's fine - just be their therapist and not their love mate. Don't let your concern for helping these confused souls overlap into your personal life. Keep away from these types in your romantic relationships. That's where things come unstuck for you. Seek out partners who are secure in their sexuality and gender. If you do, 2011 will be a good year for you in romance.

    2011 is a Master Year for you. This is a year in which you experience soul growth and you are called upon to give of yourself, your time, your talents, your insights. There is much illumination to be gained. This is a very spiritual vibration and it is best to channel the energy of 2011 into some artistic or psychic endeavour. Your intuition should be humming this year, with revelations, visions, and psychic illumination. The year brings with it inspired thinking, originality, and inventiveness. Sometimes in this year there are unexpected associations or unexpected breakups. This year brings you opportunities to gain prominence. You may find yourself in the limelight and in a favourable position to launch a new product, invention, or service. Definitely a "Go for it" year!

  • Captain,

    thank you so much for the reading! I truly appreciate it. I'm very much looking forward to this year, since it seems to be very positive for me.

    I'm just wondering if there is any way that my Gemini man and I can work things out. I feel like he still has feelings for me. is there any way we can compromise? is there anything I can do to help? I can be demanding and negative sometimes, and I know that hurts his feelings. I'm trying to work on those issues. we have talked about him being hurtful to me as well. maybe if we sit down and talk about our issues and lay them out, we can work? he was so good to me and honestly the best man I've ever had. he is caring and giving. I feel like he holds a lot in and so do I and that's probably where some of our problems are stemming from as well? I do agree that we have power struggles, I was telling my friend that just the other day.

    would you be able to elaborate on what kind of gender issues we have? I just find it so odd that he doesn't want to be pinned down when he is the one who said he loved me first, and he told me he wanted to get married and have children. he's introduced me to his entire family and acted like he wanted me in his life. It's very confusing and hurtful if he was just lying...

  • What makes you think he still has feelings for you - wishful thinking or has he given you a definitre reason to think so?

  • The gender issues are in regard to your friend's ideas of what masculine and feminine roles should be - he may be a strict traditionalist and any aggression or forwardness on your part may be interpreted by him as unfeminine.

  • I guess it's just wishful thinking. he posted a song on Saturday that I thought was directed towards me. it might have not been...I dunno...I miss him, and I dont know how he would move on that's only been a few days...

  • He has this idea of the perfect woman in his head that will almost impossible to find - she is very feminine and passive, almost meek. You were just too strong for him. Find someone who loves strong women and whose ego is not upset by them.

  • he posted another link on his page today, this one I'm sure is about me. I dont understand what he's doing. should I contact him?

  • No, don't respond to his hints or teasing. He should speak to you directly and honestly if he wants to communicate to you. Don't play his mind games.

  • do you think that maybe he's holding himself back from communicating because he doesn't want to get hurt again? he's always been sort of sensitive.

  • Geminis like to keep things light and I feel he thinks things between you got too heavy so he backed off. It's a difficult matchup because you like to go deep with a relationship and your friend doesn't. That's why the two of you are not very compatible. Compromise is the answer but I don't feel either of you will manage it because your styles and needs are so different.

  • I've tried telling him that we need to compromise, but he walked away from me. I honestly believe that our situation is a misunderstanding...I just feel very strongly about this man and I feel like if we just talked we could work things out.

  • Yes but if he doesn't want to talk or compromise, there is nothing you can do.

  • Hi, Did you start getting the red light after you met the family. I hate to say this but sometimes family can be more pressure than relationship. Might be asking him--when are you going to tie the knot. Might depend also on some of his past experiences. I can see why you're getting mixed signals. Was he the one that brought up family and marriage first. Contemplate his honesty. Look at it rationally instead of emotionally. Ask the serious questions. How does he relate to others. Honestly and effectively? Is he afraid. Is it time to just backout. I will look at a Tarot reading. My gut, intuition on this is telling me about the same as the Captain mentioned above.

  • OK, As your center I drew the 5 of Cups. This isn't surprising as this is the card of loss, emotional loss. You will overcome this, all is not lost. Your past looks like it was bright. I drew the Chariot as your near past. Your immediate future looks like your stuck with a burden, mostly intellectual. You have plenty of talents yourself. As far as the relationship, is showing that you could become his caretaker, giving into his demands. You work hard but don't have to carry the load. I get the feeling that one or both of you are carrying financial burdens. This relationship or something about it is "outside the church." I think this is a forewarning.

    This reading is an excellent one for you personally, not so much for the relationship. In your hopes and fears I drew the two of swords. I believe your making your decisions based on not knowing what the outcome may be. You are balancing both sides of this relationship. I feel you will make the right decision.

    As your outcome I drew the Hierophant. I believe your perspective will change and will develop a deeper spirituality. You are not one to keep your ideas hidden and that is what is driving you crazy. You are very capable, creative. As I read these cards, I don't think it would hurt or damage anything if you mentioned what you need and leave it be. You really don't have to shoulder all of this.

  • Captain - I talked with him last night. I called him. I told him everything that was on my mind and told him exactly how I felt. I think it might have opened his eyes. he said he was going to call me back so we can finish talking soon.

    Daliolite – thank you for your insight! I truly appreciate it. it was actually him who wanted me to meet the entire family. I went to his house a few times already and have had a wonderful time with them. They are very accepting of me. I’m not sure about the pressure of getting married. I’m not sure if they are pressuring him or not. He is the one who brought up getting married and having children already. he told me he loved me first. He’s the one who got serious before I did. I was very cautious entering into this relationship only because I had such a bad outcome and have had heavy emotional burdens in regards to relationships for a few years now. I fell in love with a cancer man about 2 years ago and he didn’t want me at all, but I couldn’t let him go. I met my Gemini man through an online dating site back in August, and we both had an instant connection. I’m actually being very objective about the whole situation, I’ve never felt this way before because usually I let my emotions and my heart guide me but for some reason I’m actually being very honest with my feelings and thinking about the situation.

    We talked last night and I laid everything out on the table for him. I told him how I felt about the situation and the relationship and also what I’m expecting. He opened up to me and told me that it’s hard for him to express emotions and the reason why he wants us to be apart is because he doesn’t want us to end up like his parents. His parents got married because they were in love but they didn’t have anything in common. He feels the same way about us, but I told him that wasn’t true. I told him that we do have a lot in common, but yes we definitely have more differences as far as interests are concerned but I love learning and trying new things all the time.

    The tarot reading that you did is very eye opening indeed! I do have some questions though...

    I believe that I’m going through this emotional loss right now. I’m a little confused by when you say “your past looks like it was bright.” Does that mean the two of us or MY past? What is this intellectual burden? Could you elaborate a little? I do know that he can be demanding but I can too. when we talked last night I told him that we have a lot of compromising to do and that we need to work on ourselves and our demons or else we’ll never grow. What are these talents you are seeing for me? I just recently moved to a new place and I’m having some financial difficulty keeping up. He is a social worker and doesn’t make too much money even though he’s helping people every day. He does have a lot of financial stress that he’s told me about before. I’m a little confused by “outside the church”. Could you please explain? it’s true that I don’t know what the outcome of the relationship will be. Not only because of us having problems, but also because we come from two different backgrounds and culture . my parents are very conservative and I haven’t told them yet about my Gemini man. I’m really hoping that they will accept them as they have been worried about me finding someone for a while, but I don’t know what their reaction will be. I told him everything that was bothering me last night and told him everything that was on my mind and that was hurting me. we ended the conversation because he had to go, but he said he was going to call me back after he did some thinking and so that we can finish the conversation.

  • I feel your friend deals with some very heavy things in his social work and looks to his personal life to relieve him of stress by having fun and doing light-hearted activities that don't put too many demands on him. I hope your talk didnt frighten him off.

  • Hi, In your past I drew the Ace of Wands and the Wheel of Fortune. Things were going fine until the 5 of Cups which is your center. The center is what I perceive as what your experiencing now (loss.) It would help you to look up Ace of Wands and the Chariot in tarot readings. This is your past and near past. I drew the 10 of rods as your near future. This shows that you are shouldering alot of the burden that I don't believe is yours. The cards spoke of your abilities--2 of rods above the situation and the Chariot in your future. Also, 3 of Rods in Your position.

    Look-up the five of coins below your situation. It shows a couple in poverty outside the church--literally. This is an indicator, a gauge so to speak of what's happening. If I had to give advice concerning this I would say to live life, be happy and go on. The cards are in your favor but not necessarily as a relationship.

  • he spoke with me again today. He basically told me that he's done a lot of thinking and believes that him and I will not be a good match. he doesn't see a future with me nor does he see himself marrying me. it hurt so unbelievably bad. I feel defeated and rejected...

    I dont understand how or why he would be so loving and then flip the switch. I asked him if we could work things out or if there is a way to compromise. he has a wall up and has made his decision and will not have any kind of compromise or working things out.

    he said he still has feelings for me so he doesn't want to see me or talk to me and hopefully/eventually we'll both move on.

    I dont understand how if someone has feelings for you, then they wont want to work it out...

  • I don't think this is your issue. This may sound strange but don't think the cards lie. Your future looks quite bright. You will meet someone else. The cards show that you were lead down a certain path. I don't think it's your burden anymore. Everything is and will be fine.

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