The Captain Cancer Man makes me confused I need to know where I stand Aquarius

  • Hi! ,The captain after all the storm in my life here I am again. I just came back from holiday after all the emotional stress of this cancer man. I knew somehow we can connect again and and to tell you the truth.I am the one try to find away to keep in touch with him.I always have this strong feeling that we can catch up again. He hurt me badly everything that he knew about me he used all of that to make me feel upset. He swear and calling me a slut, ugly,bitch, dump a lot of unacceptable words that he can say to me, but nothing is truth I hate people swearing and he always knew that. I am not an ugly person may be I am a bit bitch but in a nice way. I was told by him you can laid in bed to anyone that you want and he knows that I can do that. We started arguing and fighting when I found out that he still having relation with her girlfriend living overseas.I just meet him on a dating site but we click and he always wanted to see but I am always busy, Untill I meet him on his birthday June 22, Honestly were physically attracted but I told him I don't want a friends with benefits relationship and I hate a guy seeing me as a sex object.To make the story short after the 3 months arguing and fighting though we dont have any relationship but I do agree to have intimate relationship and he said to me that lets take it slow and let see how we go and I

  • Why do you put up with all this abuse - that's not love and it never will be.

  • I understand what you mean The Captain, When he visit me after all the dramas that we had I asked him why he needs to say that to me which is not true and it hurts my feeling for I done nothing to him but all I want to him is to say sorry.I keep calling , messaging, emailing him so many times and he never get back to me cos he all ready understand and get what I'm trying to say to him. I honestly told by him to stopped and move on but I hate people lied to me and he get mad at me. Since he knows that I am week he said all those words that can hurt me.I was totally affected are issues.I was so depress can't eat and sleep properly and I've so much weight. All he wants me to do is to do whats best for me.He said to me before he come to my place and visit me he doesn't want to argue with me. He had a lot on his plate and all he want is to live life in peaceful way and for sure I will agree to that.So I give my understanding this time and care , comfort, love , I'll tried not to get hard on him. And I know that is totally true. He needs to move house, asking to his company to transfer another place, issues with her exgf and with me. I honestly understand him. But I really don't understand who I am to him .I don't have chance that time and may be its too early again for me to ask after all the messed. I'll tried my best that I am worth it .No matter who is he needs to respect me.And he does.

    Many thanks The Captain I'll appreciate that kissess

  • You know what you are to someone by the way they treat you. This guy doesn't respect or even like you - he is just playing with you.

  • And that doesn't mean you are unlovable or awful. It does mean though that you need to have more self-respect for yourself so that you don't let people abuse you and stomp all over you. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses - be strong for and love yourself.

  • I guess your right and I'm so blinded for him. I know that I deserved someone better and I always have a choice this is the worst part of my life being inlove to the man never wanted me to love him. No affection for me but seeing me for his own benefits.I don't really know why I am like this my friends never want to listen to me and they already warning me that if I get hurt again. They wouldn't want to know it cos I allow him to disrespect me nd abuse me. I am seeing some other guys and they know what I been through to this guy . They aware of it and never said anything to me but look at the other side and delete him to my life cos his nothing but a scum bag and a user. I am crazy but I can control myself sometimes .And I never ask anything to him to prevent argue and hate myself . I'm so stupid

  • I wonder if you really don't want a guy to commit to you at the moment. Maybe you want to have a bit of time and space and freedom to explore the world without anyone to tie you down? That could be why you are only attracted to guys who don't love you. Or maybe something inside you is scared of being loved? You don't have to do what everyone else is doing - just do what you feel is right for you, even if your friends are getting hooked up and your family wants you to marry. If you don't want to get serious and settle down and have a lot of responsiblities yet, then don't. You have plenty of time for all that after you have had some adventures.

  • Okay i'm sorry to barge in just like that.. I've been through some crap with a cancer guy myself.. I'd only like to say that you need to respect yourself first for him to respect you. Don't take shit from him.. If he doesn't value you, let that be HIS loss. Cut all contact from him, treat yourself well.. pamper and love yourself.. and he'll see what he's missing. The more you chase a cancer man, the more they drift away.. Move on and be happy.. spread good vibes.. and after some time, you'll prolly see him showing up again.. but don't wait for it..

  • The Captain I always wanted to have someone in my life its been ages that I am single and exploring myself to different adventures like travelling and chilling out with friends . I admit the there's a few people had an a to me and I can actually proved that but there is no sparks and I really don't want anyone wasting their time for nothing cos I know how it feels.My friends telling me that just go out for a date with anyone and give them a chance and I did it but, I really can't understand why its so hard for me to find Mr. RIGHT, I feel like I always missed my boat. Yes ,I admit I feel so much pressured and so eager and sometimes take a long time out to breath and realized to take it slow thinking things happen for a reason.And all of a sudden this kind of this happening to me. I don't want to be like this but I care and love for him. I am thinking may be I hurt someone's feelings that I didn't know and this is what I have to pay or my karma. I don't know who I am and what else do I have to do I'm a loving person love to have a family of my own. I feel like I done and accomplish everything in my life which my family proud of me.There's a saying you can't have everything in this world and I do hope and never stopped praying to our Dear Lord to give me more strength , patience , courage and find me a way or give me a sigh if he is the right one for me. I'll tried to sacrifice a lil bit for him cos I'd care about him and always praying to touch his heart to see the really me and what inside of me full of love .

  • Hi! NeptunianDreams, I have no complain to your advice that is totally right..But sometimes do the same to him.. This is really funny I just realized that he may not talk shit to me if I didn't start calling him names like user , pathological liar, scumbag and everything but never ever swear on him.I was so mad cos he lied to me that he still in a relationship but the girl is leaving overseas. I said to me about her and from what he said the girl decided to stay in her country. The first time we having intimate night he told me that his going to have holiday and I knew it that he may visit his girl which is true. He said to me how about me if his going away I answered him , I'm just here just enjoy the trip and things happen the girlfriend find out that his dating and can accept what his doing. He supposed to stay for a month but its only a week and he came back. That's the time I was so mad and really can't believed that his lying to me which I hate this kind of attitude. When we talk his telling me that his girlfriend doesn't want him to let go, which there's aloof whole when someone sending me email that he blaming someone for their break up while he was visiting her. It hurt me badly and he knows it or he have idea that I know this things. At the moment I'll try to win his heart and if is not happen and not mend to be. I will try my best to walk away and wish him well, When the time comes I am ready to face the reality that I never been love by him I am just a friends gave him benefits of lust and company when he need someone for his lonely night... I will gamble for this again but I will never close my door to anyone who wants me for a good reason.

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