Cancer reading please, Captain

  • This one maybe a little different 🙂

    I'm the Cancer 24/6/73 with a very strong connection to a Pisces 22/2/69.

    We are friends but the attraction and intensity can be too much to handle and we both have a way of 'hiding' from each other. His friendship is very important to me and I'm wondering what our future may hold.

    Thank you

  • This is best for friendship, worst for love. Both of you have an ethereal quality, yet you can come together extraordinarily strongly here. Other people who know you as individuals will be shocked by the relationship. Together you manifest raw energy and power. The reaction is nearly chemical, elevating strategic thought over emotional sensitivity, instinct over feeling, drive over indecision. This is an awesome combination, associated with initiative and work. The energy has a tremendous intensity, both for good and bad. Such energy must be directed outward; if it is turned inward, it can tear you two apart.

    In work, friendship or marriage, the two of you are a powerful force for getting projects going in the immediate environment. Despite your often quiet and unassuming presentation, you can be called upon to get the job done. Your power is not necessarily strongly physical but may manifest psychologically or spiritually, often accomplishing wonders with little effort. The relationship is very good at teaching others by example and the effects often linger on long after you have departed. The success of all types of relationship here will depend not only on your effectiveness as a duo but on your ability to relax together and be empathic.

    In a romantic relationship, liking is usually as important as loving. Affection can be more important than passion. An affair here can too often degenererate into a power struggle, especially if you two lose respect for each other and for yourselves. Sexual manipulation may be used destructively here, and the threat to deprive each other of physical interaction, or to break off the relationship altogether, is not uncommon. That's why friendship is the best option. Don't let a physical attraction drive you to do something that will risk the bond you have. After your love affair goes sour, you would be unlikely to be able to resume the friendship.

  • oh boy... it is exactly how it feels, thank you for that. The friendship is so important but I don't know if I can ever look at anyone else after this. The relationship really makes me look at myself and strive to be better. If we can overcome ego, maybe we can find a balance?

    I sounds like I'm bargaining here doesn't it, lol!

    You've given me much to think about. Thanks again

  • I'm not sure there is a balance or middle ground between a love affair and friendship here.

  • Captain, another question about my friend. The energy between us is usually positive but can take a turn. If one of us is agitated with the other, it can feel restrictive. Almost like being held in paralysis.

    I can also pick up his thoughts sometimes. Please tell me, are we smoking hot for each other? Some of the images that drift between us... wow!

  • You are more like brother and sister twins than anything else. You are trying to make this relationship into something it isn't. Be very careful or you will lose a friend forever.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Perhaps... I do have a way of blurring my reality. The thing is yes, the friendship is important and I do enjoy the high I get from it but it's kinda one sided. I give, he takes. Our discussions are deep, enlightening and there is a ton of sexual tension but I just don't have the emotional strength to handle this intensity.

    If this is more of a brother/sister connection the fact I can sense him and feel him from a distance is unhealthy. Unconditional love is one thing but heading down a road to heartbreak is not good for me. The confusion and mixed messages come from both sides and I feel like I'm waiting for something. Maybe a dark shadow to jump out of the corner, I don't know.

    I think it's best to keep my distance.

  • You know, you can form other deep connections with other people, now that you know what it is like.

  • That is an optimistic thought. I like that. I don't want to walk away from something feeling like I'm giving up... but I guess I'll always have the experience and lessons learned.

  • I just wanted to update! This Pisces and I spoke about our feelings and have taken our relationship to a more intimate level. It is emotionally challenging because it brings out a lot of deep rooted issues on both our parts but the relationship and work involved is really helping in our personal development.

    There was a choice involved here. One that would preserve a friendship, the other to explore relationship that could bring great pain and great happiness. Life is short and I am a seeker of adventure, so I chose the more difficult road that would inevitably lead me to a higher understanding of myself and the meaning of love.


  • Good for you! We shouldn't always avoid difficult situations just because they are difficult. We can learn a lot from any relationship.

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