What about me & him? Me 6/2069 He 10/01/65 a reading PLEASE...

  • We've known each other for 13 years and been very close....Can anybody give a reading into what may come of this...BAD as well as good...

    Thank you,


  • You two are both prone to worry and upset so you must struggle to relax and to view the world with humour. Self-induced tension is usually your friend's biggest problem in any relationship, and your rather more relaxed attitude can have a paradoxically catalytic effect in this area, making him even more uptight than usual. Yet you can also have a soothing effect on his nerves, calming him down. This curious ambiguity usually depends on both your moods at the time. Often a small remark from you, or a certain look, can provoke a reaction. Your friend can be much too demanding for a more sensitive person like yourself. The relationship's real challenge is whether or not you can both relax and accept each other.

    A love affair will demand that both of you be extremely sensitive to the other's needs. You will be easily wounded by your friend's criticisms and he will be offended by your inattention. Sexually the relationship may at first go off like a house on fire, then slowly fizzle. What is left once the thrill is gone will rarely be enough to form the basis for a lasting friendship. It is important that closure of such an affair be handled respectfully; otherwise, resentments and frustrations may linger long after. Marriage is not recommended here, since your friend generally lacks both the patience to deal with your emotional needs over the long haul, and the ability to refrain from inflicting hurt when he is not satisfied. A casual friendship or a relatively undemanding work relationship is probably the best type of relationship here.

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