Strange turn of events

  • Just when I was starting to get comfortable living alone, life takes a turn. My x (Bill) and I had broken up 5 months ago. It had been a had lonely time, but it had to be done. I had kept myself busy with excersize programs and seeing to my elderly mother. Since I was always part of a couple for the last thirty years I didn't have any single girlfriends. On the one occasion that I did go out with friends night clubbing, I met a young man (David) that seemed to be instantly attracted to me. Once he started talking to me he did not leave my side the entire night. He was very respectable and never did anything off color. He was honest about a relationship he was currenly in that was failing. He followed me home that night to make sure I got there saflely (my girlfriends was staying the weekend with me, she was there also). Two nights later David pops by to get my telephone number that he lost from the first night. After that David would call first then drop by but only for 15 minutes, because of his girlfriend. I advised David that I could only be friends, Ididn't like the situation. From then on David would come over, mostly after a night of drinking to cry on my shoulder about his girlfriend that had turned cold, while making passes at me. David is a nice man when sober and wouldn't normally make any advances when sober. I told him that I just broken up with someone that I was still in love with and I was hurting bad. Well David came to me one week ago begging for me to rent out the back half of my house to him, it is only to be the latest until the end of February. Davids heartache is so huge that I am getting negative emotions about my heartache, when I was doing so much better before. I have even allowed myself to take calls and make calls to my x atleast 2x a day for the last week. I have even cried daily about Bill for one week. I know Bill is bad for me and there is no future with him. Bill is just looking for personal gratification. How do I block all of the negative energy from David in order to get on with my life?

  • You have to block this David from your life - he is a selfish person who just wants you to help him with his life and take care of him like a mother. I can understand why his relationship failed. He will become more and more dependent on you unless you call a stop to it. He deliberately walked you home to find out where you lived - this is how he insinuates himself into someone's life. You have said you don't like the situation - why then do you put up with it? It will only get worse if you do nothing. You are better off alone than with this user.

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