Coincidence or Something More??

  • Hi I'm new here & I have a question. Throughout my day when I glance at the clock , it will be like someones b-day...Like 3:11 (my sons), or 10:07( my grandmas), 6:09 (mine). It doesn't do it with everyones, just mine, my sons, my grandmas, & 1 of my daughters. Do u think it means anything? Just coincidence? Lucky numbers? Just wondered if someone had heard of this & if it meant something or not!

    Thanks in advance!!


    you might read this post... you might also post your question there since it's a fairly active thread and see if you get some additional input.

  • Amberskye

    as bleudawn says go into topics under latest discussions as we have been debating this numbers thing under a couple of threads such as: curious about numbers and recurring numbers

    I was born 15th May I see 1505 1555 555 on clocks and other means all over the place read the other threads and you will see a lot of us have experienced the same.


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