Crazy cancer ex i need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ok first off iam **** im 19 and i met this guy off a dating site before we met we talked on the phone for 2 weeks straight for atleast 8 hours a night we clicked i felt like i knew him all my life so we decided to meet it was great we chilled we started dating my problem with him is that he never really liked to show emotions always kinda cold but i dont know our connection was great i cant lie problems started once i became jealous iam aquarius scorpio-moon pisces-rising and he is cancer scorpio-moon aquarius-rising so long story short he broke up with me he said we handle things in 2 different ways i was hurt we was going out for almost 3 months but i have never felt this way in my life about someone mind you i was in a 2year relationship a year prior so i dont wanna make this to long but out of no where i started getting private calls 2 weeks after he broke up with me they would call like over and over then play songs on the phone love song bu only songs that he would lsiten to then he made up a fake aim screen name started hitting me up saying his name was dre and how he know whats going on with my ex and all this i knew it was my ex but i went along with this i still talk to this dre guy but i kinda keep in contact with my ex but my ex still acts like a **** with me while this dre person whos really him talks all nice and mind you all we do is talk about my ex i just dont understand why do you break up with me but then do all this and i would lie to this "dre person" and say im going on a date lieing and he would start hitting up my phone sending me pictures of my ex just all types of crazy sh**! i dont know i love my ex and hes just crazy i need help


  • no my rising sign in taurus sorry

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