Captain can you help me!

  • Hello and Happy New Year to You Captain Here I am to again.

    This is Illona and I have a question can you please tell me what

    you see me doing after I finish school in March 2011. I am not

    going to take my Masters till Sept 2011 I am going to take the

    six months off from school it has been a long ride for me. ANd

    I really think that I should take the time off. My dob is July 12

    Thanks Illona

  • I do see you taking some time off but I also feel a very attractive job offer around September will lure you irresistibly.

  • Thank You so much. I really will need the time off when I finish in March. I did not even

    take the time off when I had my heart attack. I still when on. Because I was just laying

    on the couch so I did not have to go into class because I take my classes online, I was

    just a little slower but I did still keep on. I will be looking for that job in Sept. I will let you

    know what with it. Have a wonderful evening and thanks for answering so fast.


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