Ms. Sunny Can you please give an Insight

  • Hi! There Miss. Sunny I hope all is well to you and your family ,I hope you don't mind me asking for this. I am Aquarius Born February 16, 1975 and the Cancer man that I used to hand around is June 22, 1979. I don't really know what do if his at my place.I honestly hold him tight and tell me not to leave me at my place every time he visit me. And he laugh at me cos I look like a cheeky kid begging him to stay and he answered me I'll see u soon then disappear for awhile. If I didn't find away to see him he will never get back to me.Its only 1 week anyway but never hear anything to him for all I know I shouldn't act like this cos his not my boyfriend. We had a big issues last year. The truth is since we started knowing each other .I was aware of his words let see how we go. He lied ,calling me names and asking me to leave him alone but I can't control myself and instead giving him my two hands and comfort him and give him what he wants. I like him but I'm thinking he only want me for him to fulfill his needs. But if we have intimate time I can feel his love, affection,caring or may be I am dreaming and I don't want to wake up cos I might fall asleep and he is already gone and no where to find .I know by doing this sooner or later I will hurt myself again. Thank you so much and hoping to hear from you soon ...Kissess

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