I need help with this crazy cancer! read give me advice asap!

  • ok first off iam **** im 19 and i met this guy off a dating site before we met we talked on the phone for 2 weeks straight for atleast 8 hours a night we clicked i felt like i knew him all my life so we decided to meet it was great we chilled we started dating my problem with him is that he never really liked to show emotions always kinda cold but i dont know our connection was great i cant lie problems started once i became jealous iam aquarius scorpio-moon pisces-rising and he is cancer scorpio-moon aquarius-rising so long story short he broke up with me he said we handle things in 2 different ways i was hurt we was going out for almost 3 months but i have never felt this way in my life about someone mind you i was in a 2year relationship a year prior so i dont wanna make this to long but out of no where i started getting private calls 2 weeks after he broke up with me they would call like over and over then play songs on the phone love song bu only songs that he would lsiten to then he made up a fake aim screen name started hitting me up saying his name was dre and how he know whats going on with my ex and all this i knew it was my ex but i went along with this i still talk to this dre guy but i kinda keep in contact with my ex but my ex still acts like a **** with me while this dre person whos really him talks all nice and mind you all we do is talk about my ex i just dont understand why do you break up with me but then do all this and i would lie to this "dre person" and say im going on a date lieing and he would start hitting up my phone sending me pictures of my ex just all types of crazy sh**! i dont know i love my ex and hes just crazy i need help


  • What are the exact birthdates?

  • iam feb.5.1991 and he is june.23.1991

  • no my rising sign in taurus sorry

  • This can actually be a good relationship for love. You two are usually very relaxed and comfortable together. Both of you are capable of enjoying yourselves in an easy way for long periods of time and your relationship magnifies this quality. Luckily, however, the relationship is also able to motivate itself to move forward on the road of life and the path of self-growth. But the kind of self-satisfaction that can approach smugness is a prime difficulty here. Procrastination is also a problem, but these down times are possibly creative periods in which the seeds are planted for future adventure and dynamism.

    Your love affair can be extremely sensuous and pleasurable. The relationship's deepening physical and emotional involvement will usually lead to firm bonds of accceptance and trust. Your relaxed attitudes serve the purpose of lessening tensions and urging those around you to enjoy themselves more. But sooner or later you must both face up to challenge, resistence, grief and pain if you are to grow and mature. Any superficiality or childishness in your behaviour and attitudes will become immediately apparent during demanding and stressful periods. Deep reserves of emotional strength will have to be built up to avoid spiritual bankruptcy at such times. Basically, unless the two of you can adopt more mature attitudes to each other and the relationship, it will not endure. But don't ever lose the capacity to enjoy yourself.

    Both of you deep down want the exact same thing - to find a place where you feel safe, protected, cared for, somewhere you feel you truly belong. But to achieve this, you must realise that no one else can provide it for you. You must take charge of creating it for yourself by pursuing a goal that energizes you or by finding a set of beliefs or a principle that builds your self-respect. Only then will you feel you belong in whatever set of circumstances you find yourself. Your safe secure haven must be built inside yourself so that it will be with you wherever you go.

    Crazyaquarius, you must probe into your obsession with being successful and anonymous at the same time, to the point where you don't know where to find your true family. You chase recognition but flee the public thing at the same time. Sustaining an intimate bond with someone may be difficult because of this confusion. You have to find the hard balance between being somebody and refusing to be a nobody.

    Your friend is equally caught between two needs - to avoid messy dependencies and to be everyone's caretaker. His fear of being walked out on drives him crazy and makes him over-protective of those he loves. He doesn't want them to leave him. He may identify too closely with his mother and, if left unresolved, this can make it hard for him to accept a mature adult role himself. He both wants to care for someone else and resents the responsibility inherent in having a relationship. He thrives best when he is up against someone who has the will to resist him, who can draw him out - of himself and his home, someone who forces him to respect healthy distances and to live up to his word. What he is really seeking is a strong father figure, yet he resists the traditional male attitudes. He must find a healthy way to care for others without invading their lives. His other issue is being so self-protective that he fights other people off, prefering to be miserable rather than in the company of others because they demand too much of him. He fears being controlled by someone who is not sensitive to his needs but he must be brought out of his shell in order to find happiness and real love.

  • i understand exactly what your saying the thing is he hides behind this fake person he makes up and acts all cool but when its him hes all cold and mean and i also thnk he loves me and some body else i found this out thru is fake little person cause they told they confused they love some body and a other person and like now he dosent answer my textes nothing and he know i love him i make sure i tell him every second i could i dont whats wrong with him its like he always letting me go but always find a way to come back and it hurts me so much and its so much emotional stress

  • It's because he's torn between responsibility and freedom from commitment. Until he makes up his mind which way to go, he will continue to hurt you with his indecision and self-protection. You have to decide if you want to wait around for him to deal with his issues - it could take him years. Will you put your life on hold for him?

  • to tell yout the truth i love this man with all my heart and i expressed my feelings to this made up person who he really was and i did this because i knew it was him and i let the real one know how i feel numerous time when i tell the real one howi feel hes says im to emotional but when i tell the made up one how i feel he says aww and stuff i dont get it what i wanna know is do you think he really loves me like in love with me and just to answer your question i wanna stay around but at the same time it hurts so bad

  • very funny to i just got a text from him saying i can only offer you a friendship i hope you can understand because id love being your friend and i accepted he said your sure i said yep and he said i hope we can is this good ? =( i really wanna be more but idk

  • It is really simple...love him as he is or don't. i say this bc I have been in love with a cancer man for....oh at least 2 years. Even though we have only been seeing each other for 1 year, I loved him longer, I just did not realize it.

    What a cancer male needs, is a strong, easy going woman. One who does not flit or fright over the smallest thing, but one that gives comfort and peace. My cancer is totally in awe of who i am as a person. And even though he has known me for almost 4 years, he still shakes his head at who I really, truly am.

    Only bc his 1st instinct is to protect himself. A cancers need for self protection is HUGE ! I no longer worry about that. I just choose to show him that I am the real deal. I am my natural self with him. He actually allows me to be that, which is funny, bc it is what scares him most.

    But I feel so safe and secure with with him, that I do not hesitate to be me. Cancers need realness. I am his goofball, his cool one, his peace and his safety and security. Only bc for the 1st time in my life, I am being true to who I actually am.

    I love taking care of him, yet he is very thankful for it. He tells me all the time. I tell him, babe, I am just being me..he says he knows, but it is so foreign to him, he does have a hard time believing it.

    Time. Yes, time means everything to a cancer. They show their many moods, their many fears and all they want to know is if YOU can see that. Trust is big for a cancer. They need that as much as the air they breathe. It is what makes them feel secure.

    I wish you well. The love of a cancer is one of he best things in the world.

  • aww thanks thats the thing iam very very real with him but i guess somtimes i can do it in a agressive way but he says he dosent like it im to emotional and so on but i love him so much but i just got a text from him today saying he wants to be friends he hopes we could he loves being friends with me and we texting now just being stupid jokes and stuff but idk i love him how can i be friends with some1 i love so much so you think this is a test and just keep my cool or he is just over me ?

  • With your text to him, you just agreed to more of the same old hurtful junk. Why didn't you tell him the truth of how you felt - I guess you're afraid to lose him altogther? But you don't really have very much at the moment, do you? Face it - he's just not mature enough now to give you a commitment. Tell him that you want more than friendship but if he can't give you that, then you will find someone who can. You can't waste your life on this childish game-playing person. You are in love with the man he will someday be, but is not now.

  • the thing is i told him time after time i how i felt even his little fake aol screen name he hit me up on i told it to like he knows how ifeel in so many ways so im not gonna say it again trust me he knows im just wanna know what this friednship thing means like he wanna be friends that jus it or hes just saying lets take it slow in a other way ?

  • It means he can't handle anything more responsible and committed than friendship. Take it or leave it!

  • your right ... may i ask tho do you sean anything in mine and his future betweens us


  • i see you reconnecting several years from now after you have both been through many life experiences and have gained a new perspective. But I only see a friendship forming because you will both be with other people by then. i see a lot of overseas travel for you both (not together, of course).

  • dear, Captain you were so right and i should of listened to you a month after that he hurt me again we stoped talkin for 2 months then started back up again then he hurt me again and i havent seen him since april 15 2011 im still very much in love with him even tho i should i hate his guts the stuff he put me thru he dosent keep any kind of contact with me and he says he wants nothing to do with me i just wanna know is this true even tho i kind of already gave up andi would like to know what do you see as lovewise in my future my date of birth once again is 2.5.1991 nd his is 6.23.1991

  • The thing about Cancer people is that if they trust you, they will want to be with you - but it takes them so VERY long to trust a person, often many years. And the more they have been hurt, the less they trust.

    Astrology predicts that this can be an intense, pleasurable but short-lived love affair unless firm bonds of trust and acceptance on both sides can be established.

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