I wana know THE TRUTH!

  • Everytime my ex Seung Kwan Jung has drama everything falls apart. but this time its like everyone is turning on me and i honestly feel its because of him. Im not sure if its because hes not on his meds because he has Schitzofrenia or if he just really hates me but ever since hes went out to japan everything changed. I need to know NOW whats really going on please give me a readin on whats really going down and what i SHOULD do. Because my closest friend Joshua Omana is distancing himself to its all to fishy.

    Seung Kwan Jung: March 5th, 1994

    Eva Rivera (me): April 10th, 1994

    Joshua Omana: November 19th, 1991

    i need help please. Im not stressed out but issues are going to get worse!

  • You have been told the truth over and over in this forum. What you really want to hear is not the truth which is that this relationship is not going to work. You want to hear a romantic fantasy - that everything is going to be lovely and happy and work out like you dream it will. Sorry but that is not the reality. the sooner you move on, the easier your life will be. Read back what everyone here has told you. THAT is the truth - which you refuse to face. Love is not drama and tears, it is peace and contentment.

  • im nottalking about a relationship in talking about everything around it. =.= i dont care for the relationship i wna know whats going on with the people who i talked to. i wana know why THEY are behaving the way they are. i know its because of him but i want to know whats going on. cuz joshua was supposed to be a close friend and so was a few other people..but its like hes controlling them i gotta know captain the relationship we once had means nothing to me

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