I need advice on how to handle my family who are against a new relationship...

  • I met a man about 3 months ago that I feel could be the one. I know he feels the same way. He is black & I am white. My family is very against this, which comes as a suprise to me because they raised me to see the real person, not the color of their skin. My dad told me how he felt about it. My responce to him was, if this man becomes my boyfriend/husband/father of my children, then he would have to learn to live with it, or live with out me. & if i do decide to have children with this man, then his grandchildren will be half black. my question is 1. will this man be the 1 for me? 2. will my family accept us as a couple (w/ possible grandkids) or will they cut me out of thier lives?

  • I can look into your compatiblity if you give me both your birthdates.

  • mine is 11/2/81 & his is 11/8/82... thank you!

  • Although both of you may play a commanding role in your relationships with other people, in your own relationship you can be surprisingly undemanding. This is because you respect each other's power and feel little need to impress someone you consider at least as powerful - and as dangerous - as yourself with an aggressive or threatening stance. This can be an unavoidably heavy matchup but it doesn't have to be. It can be stable, self-assured and, at least as far as attacks for outside are concerned, well nigh unassailable. No, any problems that occur will not be caused by outside interference but by inner conflicts.

    Being so alike can have its good and bad aspects. The strengths of your relationship are that it can be respectful, undemanding and confident but its weaknesses of paranoia, jealousy and depression can far outweigh the good points. In times of emotional frustration, you two can sink to all-time depressive lows together, and it will be hard for you to drag each other out of your mutual funk. A love affair or marriage thus afflicted can experience great pain and suffering. The two of you are no strangers to such experiences, however, and can often manage to live with this misery for years, hanging in there without quitting and sometimes even overcoming or simply outlasting your problems. But it won't be a very happy, easy or healthy lifestyle. However anyone who makes the mistake of trying to intrude or break you up may get a double sting from you Scorpions. Even though you hurt each other terribly, you will fight to the death against anyone who might attack your relationship. It's not good sense but more a sort of misguided loyalty. You two will find it hard to admit that your relationship is badly broken so you will keep up a facade until it gets so bad that it must be ended. Deep down you two will never quite lose the wariness or suspicion of your Scorpion natures and will never trust each other completely or allow each other the kind of freedom your relationship needs to grow and thrive.

    Friendship is far easier here than love. Jealousy and competitiveness may still feature however in relation to a common friend, lover or family member.

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