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  • Heya Water girl i would love a reading from you. mostly looking at the spiritual aspects of my life and work of course, i would like to know what you pick up, From a general reading. If that is possible, and if your not too busy.

    Love and light Bee Xx.

  • AngelBee--or should I call you stubborn Bee? Have you made that appointment yet? None of your issues have changed sweetie---no one is going to reach through this screen and do it for you--where is YOUR power? All the support you get here is real but not enough! Stop chaising your own tail--falling down in exhaustion and calling for a help--pick me up and what am I doing wrong! You have a gift for giving but can't use it properly untill you heal yourself and you must get counseling for that--you need one on one regular visits--not everyone with your issues has to go this route true but it is right for you. This year is so fertile for those who have done the work--took the leap of faith and did the hard to do stuff. Don't miss this time for true "rebirth" If it feels like suddenly people are drifting away--support is getting thin it is Spirit urging you to stop floating around life preserver to life preserver and get your feet on some terra firma already! MAKE THAT APPOINTMENT and don't let it go easy if the first try doesn't jell--although I do believe Spirit is more than eager to guide you! BLESSINGS

  • Hey Blmoon thank you for your message, i do appreciate it. I do have a counselor already, i have had only three appointments with her so far, i have one every monday as that in college is the only time the counselor is there. So i can work around my timetable. I am getting a little better, and specially home stuff is okay for the moment, I was just looking for some advice really on spiritual growth, when you said my gift is giving, what do you mean by that? like giving love or giving something else :O)

    I am getting into this spirit stuff and trying to interpret ate my dreams that i keep getting as well, i am interested in meditations but not really sure how to go about doing that, do you meditate?

    I would love your advice for some of the spirituality stuff. I am hoping to also asked my dad about it too as i know he is well into the meditations and such. When u say spirit, is that like spirit guides, and sort of angel guardians i have a book to read about them. I am just curious.

    It does help me a lot learning about this stuff improves some of my relationships with people just from all the reading i have been doing.

    Love and Light Bee Xx

  • Hey blmoon, i just had a pile of chocolate buiscuits drop onto my head after trying to get some for my tea, i thought it was a bit random :O) anyhow hope to hear your thoughts on spiritual subject, i have made another appointment for counselling next monday. As it was a little bit hectic today sometimes people always jump into the time slots and i missed it this week.

    Love and Light Bee Xx

  • Congrats on the counseling!

    Early on in my tougher days--when I was stressed out in college I did use guided meditation tapes--this was before cd's were popular. I bought the ones that were subliminal on one side--were you get the message under the music and one side was guided meditation. I found a certain brand that worked best as there are many out there but they really work. Can't remember the guys name--something like Sutphen or sutphen--will look it up and get it for you--his first name was richard or Dick. Anyway those really worked--did them everyday--started with the ones for anxiety and stress and also used some others--for loveing one's self--forgiving ione's self---and there are Goddess ones--excellent ones for writing even and past lives--so many to choose from. Later I used cds--several different brands--same subjects--healing mostly. I used these for several years. NOW I'm pretty good without that and my meditations are mostly just plain quiet time--deep breathing--prayer and visualizations. I have also used EFT to get past a major block in my healing and used EFT after my son past. I payed for the first two sessions--over the phone and it's easy to do on your own. It does work. I haven't needed that anymore. The giving thing? You would make an excellent caregiver--counselor--art teacher---any kind of teaching job or position of helping others--mostly counseling stands out as I think one on one is best for you. But you must heal yourself first--get the education first and what you've learned and lived yourself will really help you help others. I feel being a counselor of some kind is your calling. You need to get balanced enough and gain skills to not absorb others energy first so you can help others without feeling stressed by it. BLESSINGS--and again--keep up with the getting counseling--it serves more than one purpose and remember--if this is not enough do not be afraid to try another counselor.

  • Oh Thankyou blmoon, I would appreciate you looking for some good meditatiions for me, I know there are some around youtube, but some dont really work for me, i have been trying to quieten my mind with some of there videos too. It doesn't always work though. Your right about the counselling thing too but some people say i should work with animals or nature as i find people to be exaughsting draining my energies apperently they help balance it out. Also i still would like to be a writer so i do have lots of ideas. I am also not sure what job step to take as i know i would like to work a little just not sure what to get into. I will keep trying my my current counselor i know she hasn't really said much to me as i have been talking a lot to her so hoping next monday she will be the one talking more, she does seem to understand me though which is great. 🙂

    there is another day to which another counselor comes but it has to fit with my timeable and talking all over again wont be so hard the second time around i am getting use to it. Will you post some meditation guideance here for me? that would be really helpful i am needing ones more with anxiety and worry proberbly that would help me more. When you meditate i would love to hear some of your experiences? if you have the time and are willing to of course. My dad has said he will get some meditations for me too. I was wondering if when meditating can you use a candle and meditate with your eyes focused on the candle and open? As thats one way i might beable to use, thats what my dad says he does. Also i have had some pretty weird dreams lately, I was hoping to ask you about them? there about being psychic and all that, As that i have found out i am. So i was wondering if your okay with me asking about that? Thanks for your time and help.

    Love and Light bee Xx

  • bump 🙂

  • you are jumping ahead of yourself----you need guided help first. These tapes or CDs help you heal and bring to light answers. The ones I found helpful at first were by Dick Sutphen--you can look him up on line--I bought mine from a Spiritual camp but you can order on line--and get a free catalog for sale items. I admit at first his voice made me crack up but eventually you do get lulled into it. He has every topic imagineable including developing psychic awareness. Body issues--wound healing. Excellent help that really works--I was committed and used them at least once a day. I started for the one that calmed anxiety as early on being psychic and entering a college really bombarded me with information and I also had stress at home. This was a real Godsend" and works. I have had friends stop smoking using one of his tapes. Please go to your big book store if you can't wait for online ordering as there are lots out there. Sometimes Sutphen's website gives free sample mp3's you can download to your computer and mp3player. For the meditations it's best to listen eyes closed-undesterburbed to get the full effect. Do this first. OH he even has one for being a writer! It works!

  • Holy Cow! they bleeped his name it is D ick Sutphen. Kinda ironic such a metaphysical man has his name censured! Goes to show you how little reasoning power the computer has!

  • Hey blmoon you're so right there, thankyou so much for that information its very helpful i will look him up and thankyou again. Its been a full day today only just got back from college. Kind of exaughsted not use to doing full days. I guess i am going a little too fast LOL i will try and take it slowely, there are lots of questions that i still have that i would like to have answers too. Speacially still Pondering thoughts on my lady friends relationship. I am uterly confused by that one, and its like the same old pattern going through my head, though i have had some people tell me different things, but in a similar way. So i guess thats where the confusion comes from.

    I am kind of a little jumbled at the moment but i am sure i will unJumble myself at some point LOL.

    Thanks again for all your help, it is much appreciated, I still would like to talk to you about my dreams? If thats Possible, and if you dont mind. I hear your good at dream interpretation i am rubbish but i try my best. and i do try and write them down when i can. Also do you do photo readings? I have a good picture of me and my Lady friend from New years this year, I am curious if you wouldn't mind reading it for me? If not then i do already appreciate all the help given so far.

    Love and Light Bee Xx

  • PS: Thankyou for telling me that mans name who does the meditations, i found some of his stuff on the web that i can get at easily and will try and look over it within the week. It seems very interesting.

    I am already starting to pick up some strange stuff!! at the moment. hope you have a good evening or morning where you are.

    🙂 Love and Light Bee Xx

  • Sorry for writing again but i just had to share this poem with you that i came up with.

    I hope you like it and have a wonderful evening.

    I Dreamed a Dream

    I Dreamed a dream that was as bright as the stars

    It filled my head and Stretched far across Mars

    It seemed limitless this dream i had

    It was neither good or neither Bad

    I struggled to find the answer within

    but then i let it float swiftly in the wind

    I would not go looking for that dream

    the dream will come to me

    when i am ready to just Be

  • Very insightful! Says it all. You describe also the problem some people have with meditation--the harder they work at it sometimes the farther away true peace of mind eludes them! Living in the moment without distraction (letting go) is a tough start for those with busy minds--addictive thoughts they learned as a child as a coping mechanism to distract them from the pain. I had that addiction in my younger days--it is a survival tacktic that helps you survive. The tapes or CD's help you break that habit until you can retrain your brain to stop that "addiction". You have a wise higher voice. happy full moon!

  • Thank you Blmoon- Happy full moon to you too. I hope you enjoy it, and i am glad you liked my poem, may i just ask before you said that the person is attacking me through thoughts and stuff that i mentioned before to you, i know a bit about that, but i hope that goes away soon after i try meditation, I know i need to shield myself from lower energies but that can be very difficult, specially with the negative energies here know and then i try not to think about it and try my best to avoid it, but sometimes that is not enough! Guess i have to work a little harder, you got any advice as i am guessing you know what i mean, 🙂

    I just hope i am not going crazy here that;s all and mainly because its still going on, id rather not say what out loud here, i just want to know its not me that's going coco, i know thoughts equal manifestation and all that but this is beyond my control at this time.

    PS: If i cant ask you about it i don't know what i will do, plus i am sooo confused about it right now its like i dont know what i want or how to stop it,

    Love and Light Bee Xx

  • Also, Me and mum are going to a clairvoyance thing in town on Tuesday evening hopefully, she was the actual one to suggest it and i am hoping we will still go, She said it could be fun. Its not very expensive either about £10 at the door Its close about 10-15 minutes into my town area.

    I am hoping we go and that she wasn't joking, it is very rare for her to do things like that, however she said that we will try and go, it will be cool to see some of that stuff. I have only been to one in Glastonbury but that was like a little fair thing, was awesome too. Should be interesting.

    Love and Light Bee Xx

  • This post is deleted!

  • THANKYOU WATERGIRL14 🙂 I will take a look.

    Blessings Bee Xx

  • Hey Blmoon, I didn't have a very good night last night, my dreams are a little coco at the moment, and kind of mad, I hope your well.

    Love and Blessings Bee Xx

  • Full moon mad? Boy what a guge magnificiant moon last night--it rose so huge and golden! We all have mad crazy dreams--yes even mine have their chaotic nights. Usually when I'm not getting enough me time and quiet time---busy lives busy dreams. Lot of sick flu going around so I'm substituting everyday---not my usual schedual so my dreams last two nights have been busy.You are obssessing little bee--you obssess a lot--sorry--but it always comes back to that---you attach to people--and thoughts--disapear into your own head. So much it's hard to tell the real warning signs and the self created. Focus your fear energy into positive projects and goals. Send me a dream and I will interpet. I will be busy soon. BLESSINGS

  • Okay, Thank you Blmoon well i can only remember last nights dream, I am not very good at interpreting or describing but i will give it ago, I had a dream about first of all I remember vaguely about being in a children s center as i have been to a few in my last college it was like a little bit like a stairs that i went up into an attic kind of room, there were children selling books and a lady who asked if i would like to buy one, it was a sale they had on. I remember taking out my purse and saying i had about four pounds to spend she said that's okay the books here are about a pound, Then i find myself climbing something to reach for a book on a high shelve and then i almost toppled over grabbing onto a line that draped across the room.

    It seemed i was suddenly on a high rope dangling trying not to fall down, then some weird creatures came, i think they were faeries, they sort of carried me across to the window and i was outside, then i remember standing in a wooden place field with a path and it was very dark flowers were around everywhere.

    I remember my bag on my back from college and then i remember being tossed and thrown about by the faerie creatures. I ended up with my friend from college called Emma, at least i think it was her, not quite sure, but i was thrown into my re-enactment group thing that i do history, and people were camping, i was showing my friend around, the camp and stuff. and sometimes she vanished when i wasn't looking came across some parked vans that looked all colorful, people were there, i remember tripping and being squashed against a van, someone was in front of me and there was a whole behind me, i still had the bag on me. It was almost like they were trying to push me down. I managed to hold ground though, and pushed passed them.

    I remember being in the tent with my friend and something about finding the love within myself was mentioned, i don't know by who.

    Then i was being tossed about by faeries again, annoying creatures, I ended up on a smart little road filled with presents i remember thinking, its not Christmas now its January, it was still dark and the row of houses were all the same. the presents were piled across the houses in the front.

    I remember tripping and my bag had broken and all my stuff had fallen out, because the faeries must have gotten to it.

    I remember tumbling over the presents and making lots of noise, loosing my footing i came to the discion i should hide somewhere, people where starting to come out of the houses and wondered what all the noise was. They didn't find me, i was lying flat on my stomach, and then my lady friend came out one of the houses, by this point i was tired, she came up towards me and put her head on mine, and said i have to tell you something, Then i remember her mentioning her daughters name, and i felt something inside of me- weird feelings i get from her and i woke up.


    wow sorry its so long, i didn't realize i could remember all of that, i hope its not too long for you and just pick the bits you think is important. I also have to mention i woke up feeling sick and my head hurt a little LOL- it was strange, I have also had dreams of her and some of them have come true, so i never know what is real or not. You know that's why i am confused.

    i know i obsesses a lot and i know that can change. Thank you for trying for me. 🙂 and again sorry its long.

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