Reading please?The captain, virgotarot and watergirl

  • Hi!

    I was wondering if anyone of u could give me a reading on these questions? I am waiting but I am afraid I am not getting one.

    1. Did tealboy/sharrizy read the cards wrong for me?

    2. Is the picture of Bill kissing another girl real or faked by someone?

    3. Will either Bill and I or Tom and I become a couple?

    4. When, how and where will we meet? will we meet?

    5. Will that person be single until we meet?

    6. Will the relationship last for life?

    7. Will I go to L.A to study this year and become a famous makeup artist before I turn 23?

    They are twinbrothers born 1st september 1989, virgos, I am born 11th of august 1989, leo

    I would appreciate the help because I feel like tealboy fooled me alot and i want the truth and u watergirl hit alot of correct spots so, I just want answers, and no one is willing to give them a it seems, I have done readings for a person and she was supposed to return the favour, she never did...

  • I´d also like to know what actions to take and unexpected situations to be prepared for until this happens

  • nevermind I got a response somewhere else, sorry

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