Very negative reading, I think..... Please HELP!!!

  • hello all!

    I am new to tarot and learni g. Just got done doing a reading on a very important person in my life who I have a strong intuitive feeling is headed for trouble.......Anybody willing to give me there interrpertation of this celctic cross? Want to see if I am correct in my intuition and interpertation...

    Significator: Knight of wands

    1 situation - Queen Pentacles Reversed

    2. Opposition- Ace Pentacles (reversed)

    3. Root- page of wands (reversed)

    4. passing influence- Hang man

    5. present /crown - Justice (reversed)

    6. imm future- Fool (reversed)

    7 self- knight swords (reversed)

    8. Enviorment - knight cups

    9. guidence, hopes, fears - Sun (reversed)

    10. outcome- King pentacles (reversed)

    NOTICE - All reversed cards EXCEPT Hang man and Knight cups

    Any info on your interpertations would be so greatly appreciated....never had that many reversed in one spread PLUS whats up w ALL the knights, queens and kings ...wel court cards...any combo meanings anyone is aware of??? thank u!

  • HI Nataliewes,

    I would say your intuition on this is right on...I think your friend is headed for trouble and there will be great struggles and stife in those struggles. Once it is all said and done, they will learn from it possibly like learning from the school of "hard" knocks so to say. I could only pick up a very generalized feel from the overall layout on this. Hopefully, you will have someone more knowledgeable who knows about the combo meanings and etc. you speak of.


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