To The Captain, I would love to hear your perspective...

  • I would be so grateful for a reading. We met a few months ago, reconnected recently, but I feel like misinterpretation/miscommunication keeps halting us. I'm lost, I came out of a bad relationship before this and think this might be clouding my judgment. Birth dates are 01/12/88 and 08/07/90. Thanks, I wish you all the best.

  • Is that 1st December and 8th July or 12th January and 7th August?

  • 1st dec and 8th july. Thanks!!!

  • This is best for friendship. The relationship's central theme is often a search for natural attitudes and renewal. In fact the relationship itself can be very uplfiting for you both - a place where you can go to recharge your batteries and a kind of haven or retreat from the outside world. You two will feel very much at home in nature - walking, hiking, canoeing or camping etc. The Sag will be very protective of the Cancer partner and try to protect them from a hostile world; Cancer meanwhile is capable of putting the Sag back in touch with their childlike self and with a deeper world of feeling. There are simultaneous dangers here then of overprotectiveness, and of living in an unrealistic dream world and running from responsibility.

    Your love affair can be tender and sympathetic. Affection is easily expressed here and is often considered as important as sex. Warmth and understanding are usually more the norm than gut-wrenching emotion. Cancer can lead their excitable partner to a deeper understanding of sensuality and can in turn be introduced to new heights of passion. But, although the Sag may appreciate Cancer's brand of love for a while, they may eventually tire of it, feel trapped or controlled, and seek to escape. The Cancer will find this difficult to bear as they may have come to depend on the Sag's protection and support. But they need to find it in themself.

    The strengths of this relationship are its playful, sympathetic and natural quality. Its weaknesses are its competitveness, superficiality, and escapism.

  • Thank you for taking the time to do this, I really appreciate it!!! Helps a lot.

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