Will there ever be a perfect match?

  • Okay, as an Aries/ Pieces cusp baby I'm starting to really wonder what I need in a life partner...with a Leo rising and moon in Cancer this has become a challenge. My own expectations of myself are high, and radiate to the point of that previously mentioned Leo side of me, but I am humble, I continue to learn and really don't realize that I am the focus of attention until someone says I am out-shinning them. The Aries in me loves a challenge in nearly all realms: mentally, physically, and creatively; but the softer Pieces wants the vulnerability of emotional and spiritual attachment.

    Who can ground me, but not hold me back from my desires of wanting something more than ordinary and is willing to enjoy the adventure of life while laughing at the ironies along with me? Do I need a fellow who is a cusp too?

  • Nah ! You just need someone who will let you be the Sun that you are. Just don't make it one sided he needs a little attention too. It should be someone that can admire you for who you are and not need slice of your spotlight. knighttemplar77

  • Look in your birth chart at your venus placement .This will describe your love needs . My placement is Leo and it is very true in it's description of what I desire and need in a mate .My daughter whom is born 3-20 has the same cusp Aries/ Pieces and Leo rising however ; her moon is scorpio .

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