Split Signs???

  • I've always been a Cancer and the description fits me well; however, with this new information going around about the shift of planets over time affecting astrological signs is valid and being accepted as fact, I find that I am now considered a Gemini. I looked up that sign and find that it actually fits me almost better than Cancer. So now I seem to be split between two signs. I'm confused about which horoscope to read, etc.... Does anybody else find they're in the same boat?? When one goes to get a reading, which sign do you now tell them you are since most are still using the old school method. This probably explains why much of the things I've been told never happened.

  • Are you on the cusp?My only experience w/ this is mattering on who/where I get my chart read I have either a Cancer or Gemini ascendant.

  • Okay. I have written this constantly on this forum. Admin has posted many, many times recently, this information has been proven wrong! There are several articles on this website explaining this, Am I the only one that reads beyond the forum? Look to your right on this page. All of the articles are avaialble here.

  • chill q

  • try reading a little more, that's all. There is a lot of info on this website besides the forums. Good info, sorry if I hit a note.

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