A little bit stronger?!

  • Today is a hard day!! I am worried about life:( Maybe I just need to cry or run away!! I am so scared I have so much on my mind, today is one of my weakest days and I want to walk away........ 6 more days till this baby enters my life and how can someone who didnt want this child be so happy it will be here she knows it is ripping my heart out!! I need to stop hurting, I have a great life but I am so upset becuase I dont know how to feel I am a strong person and I hate that all my life I have had to be strong and not break down. Somedays I feel so alone and I just cant deal, I dont have any friends to confide in and you cant talk to my husband about this baby because he says he just dont want to hear about it.. It aint hit him hard yet knowing that in 6 days a part of him is coming into this world and there is nothing he can do about it but to be there for him and pay his child support. "you would think any normal women would not put herself through what i have or am but I made mistakes to and I am not perfect. I will love this child the best I can but how do you when your so hurt and feel he has lied and lied about everything?! I love him and we have made it through everything else so far. Everyone tells me it will be ok and I can do this but nobody will ever understand how I feel. I have been having weird dreams and not being able to sleep I feel like such a mess.. I wish I had someone just to care about me and how hurt I am. I know he loves me and our kids and dont want to lose us but I ask myself can I do this? I dont want to walk away but It is cutting me so deep I am so scared.. I am sorry I am writing on here but I have nobody else to talk to.... I just wish I knew why it is me that has to go through all this?! No im not playing the VICTIM!! I am just venting and needed to get this off my chest... thanks for listening to me..

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  • So, this is not your baby? I thought it was on first impression. I say, run away from this creep now, as quickly as you can! He has already brought this into your lives? How long have you been married? Leave! I am sorry for you, but this is what is wrong with this world of ours!

  • Dear Jenna, I see you and your husband separating and finally divorcing. Mainly because of your inability to keep your insecurities and fears under control, he will leave the relationship once he has had enough. You will need to get mentally stronger and change the way you view yourself for your kids sake. The ending of this relationship will be a blessing in disguise for you even though you will not believe it to be at for a while.

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  • Sorry Jenna , that is what I saw. I could be wrong of course but I feel there are some major fundamental issues between you and your husband which will not hold on the test of time. Again I hope I am wrong.

  • Just one more thing, the woman who is having your husbands kid didn't get pregnant alone. She is the least of your issues in regards to your husband and his infidelities and other issues.

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  • I don't believe people here are being nasty or saying negative things to you, or putting you or your husband down. They are readers and they are telling you what they see, because you ask. You just happen not to like what many here see. I don't understand your logic to be honest specially this part *** " I wish you people could look at the past then tell me what we have been through and relate as friends not as psychics. " ***????

    I feel you want to be told what you want to hear, if that is so, this is the wrong place because readers tell you what they see, nothing more nothing less. Some readers might sugar coat a little but I doubt any reader here will not tell you what they see because it might sound negative, I mean that is just ridiculous. The reader Gypsydreams is case in point, when her readings about your pregnancy stopped being what you wanted you stopped chatting to her, deleted all your messages in her thread and ignored her.I think that is not nice specially when she took her time to chat to you and help you out and give you FREE readings and she had'had her own personal issues at the time.Not nice Jenna, not nice at all.

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