2nd opinion anyone

  • I was recently told by a psychic that my son Jeremy would be having a baby with his exwife ashley sometime this year. She said they would get together for a short time and the union would produce a child. I find this hard to believe but wonder if anyone else sees this as well? Thanks everyone.

  • This is a year when anything and everything can happen, so yes I believe it can happen. People's perspectives will be changing a lot this year.

  • I can only hope not. As much as he wants a child I don't think this would be a good situation. He has spent years trying to get over her and I hope he does not go back to her only to get his heart broken again and have a child with her as well.

  • Your son is stronger and wiser than you think. And he knows his ex better than anyone, even her.

  • Thanks Captain. Your the best

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