Air and Fire

  • Wands corresponding to the element of Air? Does anybody agree with that? It has been accepted that Swords are the representation of this same element of mental agility, rationality and lack of emotion... also of cruelty and cunningness. Yet in a book written by P.S. Hollander, Wands are Air, and Swords Fire... what do you think? I heartily welcome any personal observations!

  • I believe it's true for Tarot of the Spirit also. I find I can get my head around that interpretation easier.

    Cheers P

  • Not with the lack of emotion forsure. We're known for our tremendous passion-Aries

  • Exactly, what I meant was that Fire could not be associated with Swords (intellect and lack of emotion), it should be Air-Swords, Fire-Wands... as for Aries, oh I know it so well that you have passion, I am living with an Aries man and we are sometimes like from different planets (me, a Capricorn)... any advice on how to make an Aries happy without totally losing one's own sense of judgement and willpower, shai10? Cheers, all the best!

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