Capricorn sun Libra Rising Taurus moon

  • This topic above is the essense of me...I used to be ambitious when younger but am finding now that material things don't hold the same interest as they used to and the more emotional and spiritual side of life makes me feel happier. Are there any other Caps out there that feel the same? Is it something Capricorn people go through or is it all in my head??

  • I am also a Cap sun, Libra rising, Taurus moon. I feel the same way. I lived on my own from an early age, and money was how I determined whether or not my life was a success. But now, all I really want is to be financially comfortable while I pursue a more spiritual path. The problem is, I want to focus so much on the spiritual side, I have a hard time paying attention to the financial. This coming from someone who used to work 100 hour work weeks!

  • I have to agree with you. I am also a Capricorn but have a Gemini rising. Don't know what my moon is but was taught early in life that money isn't everything and it's true. All I want is to be happy and healthy. I believe that money is nice don't get me wrong but happiness is much more then money. We have to make it to survive, but it is not number one. Things just don't seem the same anymore. I guess it is just too much drama and stress I am not sure. (at least for me) and all the material things just don't matter anymore. Sure it's nice to have them, but it does not give you complete happiness and that's what I am striving for. I also just want to be financially comfortable, not asking for the world, so I don't think you are alone in any way.

  • I am a Capricorn Sun, Capricorn Moon, Libra Rising so this is really interesting to me too! I believe that too. I know that money is necessary for your survival but not money for money's sake. It's nice to have nice things but they are after all things, not necessities. I often hear that Capricorns are loners. I don't think that is completely true. We love to be in a relationship where there is mutual attraction, mutual affection, and a mutual interest in sex, but we also like a good mind to go with that. Fun and laughter are essential and totally necessary to our relationships. While I love being with my man a lot of the time, having him under my feet 24/7 can be a little wearing. We all need some personal space and Capricorns need a fair amount of that, even if it's just to do nothing special. Don't be threatened if we say we just can't see you tonight, I'm probably home doing my nails and reading a book, but it's important to be able to do that. It doesn't mean I don't love you. It just means tomorrow I'll be really happy to see you! I know it sounds complicated but it really isn't. Don't suffocate me and I won't suffocate you.

  • On the financial side, I don't know about you but my finances have always been feast or famine. Everytime you think you are going to have some money that is yours, something that costs everything in your wallet will fall off your car, or your rent goes up, or you get laid off. So yes, financial security is something we feel is important just so we can stop worrying about it all the time. It would be nice not to have to worry about how you are going to pay the rent next month. That would be a luxury for sure. We are always willing to work hard, but we like to be compensated for that work. I fI am going to work 70 hours a week I want something to show for it and I want a life too, so you know, no pressure.

  • I am also a Sun Cap Moon Cap and Mercury Cap as well as a Gemini rising. The problem here is Pluto which has moved out of Sag earlier this year . Pluto makes thing happen and transforms our previous beliefs about essentially everything. The spiritual aspects of us are being stimulated and even though financially we will also need to be secure it not on the forefront right now. Pluto cleans house and will cause things to happen without you giving to much effort. When Pluto entered our sign I lost my job that I had held for the last 8 years forcing me to look at different options. This occurred and instead of being totally upset and things yes have become difficult; I instead sleep easier than I have ever slept and have made plans to move to Arizona . This will change everything for me .I will be leaving my family, friends to follow where the universe is leading me. I did a relocation chart and when I arrive to live in Arizona my Scorpio rising will be there that was in my 6Th house instead of Gemini. Now this will be a major change in my personality and financially because SAG is intercepted and Capricorn is in the 2nd house where I will have final control of my money instead of Cancer on 2nd where money came to me and went as easy the moon changed if go to far back in AZ then cap will be in my first house And I don't want that. So look to Pluto and notice what house it stimulating and recognize the impact it is having on you before you know it you may a totally different you

  • holy shit!! i feel the same WAY!! i really have no interest in money or material things. I would rather be poor and be happy. Either way money is a must in this world and thats the only way you can as long as im financially stable im okay.btw im a sun:virgo rising:leo moon:capricorn

  • sun cap, moon cap, aries prob is same as above...feast or vs. spirituality...

    someone told me caps are the most materialistic of all the signs, and also the most what a confusing set of cards we are dealing with...

    i've given up opportunities to make good money to have the time and the freedom to focus on my spiritual side, yet its hard to focus on my spiritual side when i'm stressing about money...

    i think maybe our karma or lesson being born caps is to find that balance between the two...because we all know...we are deeply connected to spirit...but we sure hate being broke...

    i'm finding that although i cannot afford nice things, i am surviving...and if i can stop to realize what a blessing that is...and continue to develop spiritually...eventually...i can find abundance.

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