TODAY I LOVE .......

  • Hi n Welcome to TODAY I LOVE thread.

    Today i LOVE all my friends on tarot dot com forums, especially Cat Cat, Chrissi, LivinginaPrayer, HP, Feangel n myself etc

    Today i LOVE my best male Friend Alden

    Today I LOVE my dog in spirit Trunte BLESS HER

    Today I LOVE Charlie lol

    Today i LOVE that ive been told im doing better in programming YAAYYYY

    Today i LOVE my family

    Today i LOVE cheese n chocolate cake

    Today i LOVE RHUM !!! HAHAHAHahahahahah


  • Today i LOVE ADMIN of this place. They do such a SWELL job.

    Today I LOVE My tarot friends

    Today i LOVE my fb friends

    Today i LOVE my family all of em.

    Today i LOVE my gift of telepathy

    Today i LOVE that its WEEKEND

    Today i LOVE that i can utter without regret what i hate n what bugs me.

    Today i LOVE i can take the Mickey out of me n b goofy, so may deem it as im a sad stuck in a rut person. well u dont know me very well then so WHATEVER ..............just saying!

    Today I LOVe LIFE! no matter how shitty it may look, always try n look at the bright side. everything happens 4 a reason

  • Today i LOVE im SO INVEnTIVE n CREAtIVE!!!!!!!!!!

    Today i LOVE LIFE! well sorta lol

    Today i LOVE


    TOday i LOVE my FAMILY, FRIENDS n loved ones

    TOday i LOVE my MEN!!!!

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