Bl Moon asking for your insight

  • Hi Bl Moon, Read a few of your posts. I'm curious and would like your insight. Pulling away from something that I don't understand only feel love for this person. Person likes to drink heavily and his friend. He has gotten wild. He doesn't understand me for sure. I'm not a hell raiser. He's ok just alcohol is not ok for him. Haven't preached, stayed my distance. I guess he's made his choice? I have been given a lot of signs regarding him. He's not unfaithful type but very well may be...I view this as an addiction issue. I know he can quit because I've seen it. I see myself as somewhat of a loner. But not so much so as I don't enjoy people. He's an extrovert---


  • This man is your "blind spot". We all have one somewhere in our journeys to wholeness and these relationships help us heal or bring things to the light. You would read this situation clearly for another but for yourself--a blind spot. He is not really an extrovert--he cheats--guards the real parts of himself and seems easy to be someone else. He's your test--to truelly see what lies beneath--hear between the lines as this man works hard to keep himself secret. He atracts the "givers" the fixers and the biggest hearts. His drinking he CANNOT control--it comes in waves like a pressure cooker---it is deceptive the dry times--all that controling he does---the energy it takes to control his emotions--his projection--takes so much work and boils up untill something has to give because mostly this extrovert is really holding back--it is a lie and when the holding in builds--bam it must release and THAT is when he must drink--binge--out of control release.Your lesson here is to balance head and heart and to trust your gifts. To see beyound your blind spot. You must name your blind spot--understand why you would turn off your gift for intuition to see him as someone you need him to be. What is it about him that steals your power? These are your lessons for healing and growth---he is teaching you something about yourself. Are you afraid of your own power--where in your childhood did you learn to be powerful is bad? This man is an energy zapper because he is a contradiction and keeps you confused---you have a history of attracting energy zappers---Spirit says you are at the tipping point and this could be the beginning of a great healing time for you if you choose to examine your shadow side with love and forgiveness---a healthy detachment is called for now. To be kind to yourself and leave out shame. Pray for help with this issue and listen to your dreams--write them down and read them after enough time passes to get a fresh look--the dreams will see past your blind spot.BLESSINGS

  • Thank you. This is a special time for me as I'm seeing forgiveness for what it is. Forgiveness and not getting pulled-in. I've always been very good at keeping my distance. I'm learning to not let stuff affect my heart, emotions. I've done my part. It'll be interesting to see which way he turns. I accept people for who they are and don't concentrate on changing. As it turns out, I don't change and neither do they. LOL He's having a hard time with some of my friends and I have a hard time with alcoholics, basically. My friends run from extreme to extreme. Meaning different lifestyles, different personalities. You can't always pick your friends. I have gotten 5 calls already from him this am. He's ok, just problems, problems. I'm keeping my distance. Thank you, reply.

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