Contacting spirit guides or angels.

  • I have tried to contact my spirit guides and angels and have not been successful at all.

    I thought maybe it's not my time or maybe I'm just being inpatience as usual. Can someone give me some advice.

  • How have you tried to contact them, and what are the results you are expecting?

  • I have tried to contact them by just asking for guidance. Making sure the atomsphere is right and being open and sincere. What I'm expecting is acknowledgement that someone is there and that someone is listening. I don't know after that.

  • Well, If you didn't believe they were there you wouldn't be trying to contact them.

    You know they are there

    and you know by design, if they are there, then they are listening.

    Just believe it. Know when you are talking to them they are standing right there listening.

    I don't know how you are 'expecting' that guidance to come... but the first rule is to stop expecting.

    When you 'expect' you limit the way in which your guides are able to work in your life. Here's an example:

    I ask my guides for guidance about my job. I want them to help me see whether I should keep toughing it out or find another job.

    I decide I want some big sign, some formal communication, some still small voice in my head. I'm looking only for these things...

    I'm sitting in the park eating lunch, and a small child comes up to me and says ' you look sad' I say I'm not sad I'm just having lunch thinking about work. The child says to me, " Well, I hope when I'm working as a teacher, I never get that look on my face." and trots off... leaving me there on the bench..

    Was this the message I was expecting, no.... was it the way I expected it to

    it's just a kid, what does he know... is the attitude I could take

    But maybe just maybe my guides chose to communicate in this way, and I shouldn't discount it.

    Once you have tried to communicate with them, you have to be aware of what's going on around you, and see the little signs the little messages, and when you start to see those the communication will become clearer. Pay attention to your dreams, pay attention to other people, pay attention to your surroundings.

    They are listening... the question is always are we listening back...

  • Thank you. I appreicate your advice.

  • I would check out Doreen Virtue site about contacting your guides or angels.

  • Thank you. Do you know of anyone who might give reading on here or are they not allowed to?

  • I have asked my guides to give me a sign of something specific. I asked them to send me roses. So that next day I received a email with St. Theresa who represents roses. I have a friend who was a gifted card reader (she read from a penuckle deck) and she said that when she goes she will be my angel -- all I have to do is ask. One night I really needed her and so I asked her to come and comfort me and that night I felt like someone blowing on my back. It was so comforting and the problem I was dealing with went away. Just ask.

  • Hi, The signs your talking about are also called signal graces. Devout prayer from the heart is a good predertermination of things to be. I've learned that when I ask God for something by means of prayer, it helps the road ahead. I get reminded that time is not of the essence sometimes. I don't worry too much about what's ahead, I know who's in control.

  • Everything I've read on angels/guides say just to ask from the heart. I thought I was asking from the heart. I'm open to a lot of different things. I have always believe in angels. I just feel so lost sometimes and want some answers.

  • I ran into the back of someone's car the other day - I was dropping my partner at the airport early in the morning and I was tired. On the way back I was passing work when the idea popped into my head to just stop and not go on home - I ignored it. I carried on down the road and I thought I should stop at the petrol station and get something to eat - this I also ignored. I got to within 1000 yards of my home when the car in front of me braked hard - she had no brake lights working and I did not get the early warning that this is what she was doing, I braked but not in time to avoid a collision. We are both unharmed and minor damage to mt car.

    I was driving into work today (in the courtesey car) and blazoned over the back of a delivery lorry was the message - stay safe keep the 2 second rule behind a car. I had to laugh, as similar to the joke of the man who drowned in the floods around his house despite the man in the boat, the helicopter etc as God was going to help him. Iignored all the help was receiving that would have stopped me having the crash. Sometimes help is right under your nose but you don't always see it.

    This happens a lot to me and I usually heed the advice - this time I was just too tired to listen and have lost the use of my car for a few days.

    Angels and guides are all around us you just can't always see them but you can always hear them just not how you always expect. Listen to the quiet and you will hear them all the time as they can communicate directly with your subconscious.

    Love to you all x

  • I appreciated all the comments/advice I have received. Thanks

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