What does spirit say?

  • I want to lose thirty pounds. I know it is emotional. I know all about exercise, drink calories & eating right. I can't seem to release the emotional part enough. I don't know how. I need help with opening up inside. I hope I can get help with a direction to go in. I just need some spiritual help with this. It will help get my mojo going. This will make me happy so I have got to do it. Thank you -D

  • Overweight is generally about three issues - you must decide which is your particular issue. Or it may be more than one.

    First issue is self-protection - extra body weight is our mind's subconscious attempt to physically keep people away from us and to buffer ourselves against pain and suffering. Perhaps we fear physical attack from some quarter. Many women who are overweight have a fear of men that comes from their childhood. They may feel a need to make themselves 'unattractive' so as to prevent unwanted attention. Many empaths and psychics put on weight so that they keep people - with all their negative feelings and thoughts - at a distance. The real issue here is of self-doubt and self-mistrust. We fear being unable to deal with life so we put extra poundage between ourselves and the world. Our fleshy suit of armour...it implies we don't trust ourselves that we have the strength of spirit to deal with whatever problems or difficulties we encounter.

    Secondly is a need for attention. Being bigger is a shout out - "Hey look at me! I'm here! You can't miss me. I need help/love/attention." Feeling ignored or neglected, we try to make ourselves impossible to visually miss. This speaks to a lifelong feeling of being insignificant, worthless or passed over. Of never being picked for the ballgame, prom, job, or whatever...

    The third issue is about self-nurturing. We don't feel we are getting enough care and love from others so we do it by coddling ourselves through comfort food. Like a good loving mother we ply ourselves with goodies, stuff ourselves full of the sweetness and substance that we feel is lacking in our lives. But it doesn't have to be food that we use to make ourselves feel good - we can substitte a makeover, a visit to a spa, a candlelit soak in a tub or whatever, to make ourselves feel loved and pampered. But eventually we need to deal with why we feel unloved, even when we are surrounded by people such as family and friends who should be living proof that we are loved.

    Whatever the issue, it undoubtedly stems from some childhood belief acquired from a relative, carer or associate who pushed their misery or fears or needs onto those around them. To lose the extra weight, you must confront the cause of it and deal with it. Even just realising the source of the problem can begin the healing process. Realising that it was someone else's problem that became ours can immediately bring relief and understanding. To lose the weight, you have to figure out why you are 'wearing' it on in the first place.

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  • Sometimes healing occurs just because you realise that what created your problem in the first place was not your fault at all. Then it hits you how illogical it is to keep on believing and behaving in the old way. We put blocks in place to protect ourselves. To remove the block, we have to remove the fear, generally by facing or doing what we fear. It's all about trusting that we have the strength to survive and not be beaten down by our fear. The old saying is so true that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

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