• I had a couple of visions last night. One of them was of a suicide outline, and later I saw the numbers 187. I had woken up in the middle of the night and was not asleep during the first vision. Maybe barely during the second. These images suddenly flashed into my mind. I have had images flash suddenly like this, but nothing this scary. Can anyone tell me what this could mean?

  • Hi, Think about it and you may know who this is describing. I had some strange dreams last nite as well...I dreamt that I was in the car with someone. There was a person that was lying down on a parking lot. The person driving didn't like the person and ran over them. I think I was feeling several different things at once. When I woke up I was mad because I didn't say anything. Usually I wake up right before something major happens. This same person came to me in spirit about a week ago and asked me to have a mass said for him. When I say came in spirit, I mean, I heard his voice. As I usually don't hear anyone's voice asking me this, I called my church and they're going to have a mass said for him in Feb.

    Look at your life and the people in it. It may be someone that affects your life somewhat, as the events may be appearing before you. What do you think you could do to correct this. Do you think 1-87 would be a date. For me, the answers come later. In this case, you may want to pray for guidance.

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