Love Triangle and Karma, insight needed please

  • Hi,

    I've been undergoing a lot of growth and healing in multiple areas of my life over the past few years. In my youth, I tended to gear towards the fun type men or bad boy type which lead to me getting hurt and not always making smart choices either. I've tried to create "pseudo names to help make this clearer" and to respect the privacy of those involved. I recently found closure from a wound from a past relationship from my youth and located the person, "T-Bone" online a month ago. When I was in 10th grade, I was the girlfriend for the second time of the man I just found closure from. At that time, I had came to a point that he said he loved me and wanted to get serious with me...before this came out totally...I was afraid "T-Bone" was going to cheat on me again..

    Somehow "Jake" came into the picture as a friend which lead to more...and we were dating steadily. I came to a point I thought he was not going to be monogamous, so I cheated on him with "Mikey" a boyfriend that I had broken up with several months before and I part of me was still striving to get back together with him and was in love with him. I was not ready to accept that I had lost "Mikey" to another girl and that it was pretty much over, so I kept trying to temp him physically so to say. His best friend, "Tiger" was also a close friend of mine and had just broke up with best friend, "Marie". I was trying to help Tiger and Marie get back to gether when I found out that there was some kind of chemistry with Tiger. I didn't take Tiger seriously, and ended up betraying Marie, who also did the same with "mikey" I suspect either the guys were plotting behind the scenes or it was revenge. Either way, Mikey and Tiger were aware of what happened and both were ok with it. Marie and I forgave each other and are still friends so close we are like family.

    All this happened so close together that I nearly can't remember how it overlapped, but I remember telling "Jake and T-Bone" both that it was over due and let them both know about cheating on them as I felt I should come clean. "T-Bone" seemed somewhat jealous and angry but I would never let him know much as I felt he would truly try to hurt the people involved physically.. A month ago, I found T-Bone online and found some type of closure with him when I forgave him for how he mentally hurt me the first time around and for the wounds and weight from the secrecy I had carried for years out of love and fear. I have typically kept in contact with Mikey on an off for four years...the contact tends to be sporadic in nature due to the chemistry we found out still existed three years accident...we've tried to maintain a friendship, but not get together due to the chemisty in person.

    Three days ago...strange enough Jake send me a close message and located me online. I've remainded in contact with Marie since we were young regularly... Then I just happended to think of something off the wall as the guy I am dating now has the same last name as Tiger..alough I don't think they are related. I looked up Tiger and located him online just an hour after telling Jake how ironic that it was that most of the people but one I hung around with at that time were coming back in my life. This is too weird to be coicidence as all that were part of that Love Triangle but one have come back. What lesson am I to learn? It was the only time I had been a player like that and I guess you would say played a couple of people....Is this Karma and what lesson is it trying to teach me?

    Is there something from a past life that is bringing my more important relationships to the foreftont now as I am feel like I am at a turning point in my current relationship towards a deeper relationship? I have only ran into T-Bone a couple of times during the early 1990's. Jake sought me out a couple of times in the past, once was not long after I was ironically engaged in the 1990's. Mikey and I have bumped into each other some on and off over the years but really reconnectted a few years ago as friends. I have not ran into Tiger since 10th grade until now online.. Why do several of these fellows keep reappearing? Is there something either drawing them to me or me to them peridically that I am just not seeing? Any insight you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


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