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  • Hello.

    Around late August, early September of 2010 I had a Tarot Reading done for me. I apologize as I know very little about the Tarot divination, excuse me if my language is off. However, I'm enquiring about the Tarot card that was shown to be in the future slot of the spread. The woman who conducted the spread said that this card meant that in about a year I would come to a crossroads, and that I'd have to choose between two opportunities. She went on to say that they were two unique choices and I wouldn't come across either choice again in my life-- I literally couldn't go back after I've chosen between the two.

    I've been thinking more and more about this particular Tarot reading, especially the practitioners talk about the crossroads as I have been more cognizant about my restlessness in my current vocation and the area I'm living in. If anyone would be willing to share what Tarot card would have a strong indication of crossroads or the decision between important choices, or more insight into the card in question I'd appreciate it.

  • There could be a few cards that could relate to your situation

    But seeing as it's a major event and something that seems to be a very important decision in your life I could only assume it would be in the MAJOR arcana,and my first feeling was that of the lovers.

    In regards to the lovers card,it can indicate a very important choice or decision that needs to be made,or two opportunities that may be presented to you and need to be chosen with care and precaution,as you can't have both.It doesn't always necessarily have relations with a lover or relationship,even though the card portrays that.It represents a triangle so to speak,one that you stand before and need to decide upon.Two decisions,two choices,two paths,only one can be crossed and one left behind.As one is left behind,and the decision is made,things wont be the same and it will be hard to go back as the situation will have deteriorated.

    You will feel what's right in your heart...and this will lead you on the right path.

  • Thank you very much Mermadia... I appreciate the depth of your description.

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