Signs??? Confused libran girl bout Virgo man

  • I recently called off friendship/relationship with Virgo man due to various reasons. I haven't been able to stop thinking about him but have resisted the urge to contact him. Yes even though I broke up with him I still love and care for him and really want to be with him. Well two days ago I had thought about calling him but thought nah he wouldn't want that or to hear from me. But then While driving I firstly heard a song on the radio which we used to sing together, then minutes later his ringtone came on in an advert, then I was asking a car passenger about a boat which caused trouble on our waterways & this person commented and said the ship name ... The ships name was same as my ex!!!!

    Are these signs that I should call him?????

  • They are most certainly signs that you need to take notice of!

    It could be that he may be trying to send his energy through to you to contact him,or it could also be the power that your energy is sending out and how the universe is responding to it.

    It sounds like it is a definate sign,that is more than just mere coincidence,maybe not what you expect,but something that is needing to gain your attention and be addressed in regards to him.

  • Hi Mermaidia

    Thank you for your reply. Yes I've had a lot of signs other than these over the last two weeks, one powerful one happened last weekend which immediately told him I needed to call him and be vulnerable with him, almost like that is what he wants from me, which I know is true as I don't often show this side in relationships. But I chickened out, I also had the signs to call him whilst leaving my city (I live in Brisbane and we had to leave work due to flood waters) and I think it's too late and perhaps it was just a sign that I needed to start to deal with it and start the process of moving on and getting over it. I also noticed on his messenger he has added women onto his social network so I feel he is moving on too and while i want to fight for us i also think perhaps the timing is not right atm. I'm not sure, probably just the ramblings of someone who is in process of letting go and we all know how difficult that is.

    Again thank you for your reply, I hope you are well. Have a great weekend 🙂

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