Feel Like Such a Fool :(

  • I took a shining to a guy at work and for some time I really thought he was interested.

    So I decided to just got for it and ask him out for a drink after work, and he agreed and once we got there he asked what he wanted to talk to me about! He thought it was some work issue. So I just said nah I just enjoy your company. So was a bit awkawrd in the begining but then it was fine. The next day he hardly said a word to me which hasl eft me very upset as I honestly thought he was interested but just really shy from the impressions I was getting.

    At work again this morning and wonder if he will avoid me today as well.

    I feel like such a fool 😞

  • Love and ego are not a good mix. You went for it--no shame there. Be more confident. Don't take rejection so hard and don't act awkward at work--believe me he's human as you--he's done just the same thing before. Besides--give him some room--he was surprised and maybe cautiouse--guys have this psycho B fear they tease each other about. He may have been burnt before by an aggressive woman and needs room to see how you behave. So act like someone he doesn't need to be afraid of. Smile--say hello in passing and act confident. If you act awkward or ashamed he'll pick up that vibe--not attractive. Be confident--you are interested--you let him know and now it's up to him. He has no idea if you are needy, a clingy stalker type. AND yes he is shy! Give yourself a break--no regrets! Hug yourself and stop dwelling on it and go about the workplace as usual.BLESSINGS!

  • Thanks Bloom. yeah its not in my nature to get all argh about it. I will still say hi and smile and all that sort of thing.

    I just really thought there could be some potential here.


  • You were not so wrong on the vibe--he was thinking of you but he is kind of a clam---he lives in his head a lot and feels awkward easily and is self conciouse--but he is sweet. That's why it could go either way---but because he is skittish and hides you have to give him room to decide if he's safe with you.He has this issue with all women Otherwise this man usually settles for women he does not care for too much--the flutter factor. If he indeed does hook up again he may be hard to read because he works hard at playing it cool so even if you do hook up you may find that he's just too complicated to deal with as you are more direct. But, spirit says to cut your self some slack and your intuition was right. You just surprised him! I feel he will try and make contact--in an indirect way but do expect him to surprise you with an odd invitation.

  • Thank you Bloom.


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