New Astrological Dates?


    Does anyone have any more information on this? If this is legitimate, doesn't that throw everything into chaos? I have been a total Pisces (Feb 23) my whole life and now this makes me an Aquarius. I am so confused.


    This is where I originally read about Ophiucus becoming the new zodiac. I wouldn't be affected as a Leo, as my birthday falls on August 10th, but the rest of my family would be affected, including my daughter. She's a prime example of an Aries baby, and to think that she'd be considered a Pisces? No offense to anybody of any other zodiac, of course.

    I guess all I can say is, who knows? I don't entirely believe the whole "the sign you are born into now are different than what you've been led to believe your entire life" thing; quite frankly, I'm proud to be a Leo. I take after the zodiac, and the animal, quite well. Independant, loyal, courageous, and everything bad about them, too... Hahaha. Who knows if this is all really true. I'll wait to see what everybody here at say!

  • Oh, and my mom has the same birthday as you! 😄

  • Look to your right on this page under "Is your horoscope sign wrong?" It disputes this.

  • Hello,

    We knew people would have questions about this so we wrote an article to clear up any confusion. Check it out below:



  • I say adious to Cancer and Hello, to Gemini! My personality has undergone a complete and radical shift in the past 6 months anyways. I am ready for something new as Cancer seemed to be swept away from me since this past July. One of my favorite quotes is "We never change as we grow older we only become more clearly ourselves." Well, goodness have I experienced this and, with much research on the science and anatomy of the brain my Cancer / emotional traits were more prevalent only during the time before my frontal cortext closed. I am gun-ho about, the change and, Never say Never attitude. The only thing I care to know is where I could find a site with a personality profile (3 signs) which has taken the possibility of such into effect. Very intrigued to dive deeper and see if my moon sign, and rising sun sign has changed also. Ohhhh.... How I love google research. Many people with their Sun sign changing shouldn't necessarily be put off as the two others show much about one's personality also. It could be a wonderful change and actually be an aide in many person's lives if we were to think of it positively. With information popping up to both support such OLD/ new information and, disregard such I think we should all look a bit deeper. Why Not? And, of anyone knows of any site modifying their personality / cosmic profiles to this change I would appreciate the address. I find it fascinating. You just never truly know. 😃 Good day to all!

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