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  • Hi there,

    If you have read my previous posts you will know that l keep getting really strong feelings...well l have one now!! What do l do? How do l try to find out what it is? 🙂

    Many thanks,

    R xxx

  • Rosie121,

    I haven't read any of your previous posts so I'm not really sure what your getting strong. If your talking about intuitive feelings, it helps me to figure out who and what by meditating or opening your mind and ask the questions who and what. I find that the answer just pops into my mind. It can be people you haven't thought of in a long time or something that wasn't previously on your mind. If it's on a feelings level it should come to you as a gut reaction, sometimes i just stare into the sky [space out] and the person will come to me. I hope this helps..I'm not very good at describing how this works for me..maybe someone else will chime in and explain it better.. love & light..

  • I did look over your other post, and I was just wondering if the person who was reading cards for you told you why you weren't ready, or just simply told you you're not?

    What this is going to take is some work. I get the feeling you are just now starting to really believe and want to explore what's going on with you. You are going to have to find a process, whether it be the process darya suggested or some other way. First and foremost I agree, I think meditation is the key to opening the door. If you dont already know how to meditate you need to learn. There are many books on the subject, and after delving into it, you can certainly find what works for you. There are also books out there which offer a psycic test if you will. You answer questions, and it tells you were your enegies are strongest, and how to work with them. I know I had a very good one, but I can't find it, which means I probably gave it away. I wish I could be more help with that.... LOL

    We can all offer suggestions, but ultimately it comes down to you figuring out how you work. I understand it is totally disturbing when you get 'a feeling' and then something happens, and you wish you could have had a better idea what was going on before it all went down. It's gonna take time and work. It's going to take you finding a way to open yourself to it like Darya said.

    If you are not intersted in reading books, then as a first step towards getting a handle on this, I suggest maybe you look into some meditation classes, yoga, or something that will help teach you to quiet yourself, so you can listen/see/hear, what your feelings are trying to tell you.

    The answers are inside of you, you only need the ability and the courage to look within...


  • Hi,

    Thanks Darya and bleudawn for your advice! I am trying mediatation, although l keep falling asleep - guess l need to find another method! lol.

    And bleidawn to answer you question l can't remember why e said l wasn't ready....it might of been something to do with me crying...hahaha.

    I am attending a medium workshop with weekend hopefully so l am really looking forward to learning how to direct this feeling. It's getting too much now and stops me concentrating on anything else when it comes. In fact last weekend l was working in a pub and it came all the sudden, really bad again....made a right mess of a few drink orders!! lol

    Anyways thank you, l appreciate your help! 🙂

  • Rosie121,

    Hi I got a good lol when you said you kept falling asleep, I do the same thing when I get to relaxed or comfy. With me I have to just keep asking myself who or what is it..Then listen to your mind..It's not like your going to hear someone elses voice say this is who..It will be your own voice in your mind and you have to learn to listen to it..Trust your intuition or inner voice..Sometimes I have to go through my list of people until I come across the one that feels right, if it's someone I dont know it comes across as not close or personal to me ..then I get that I'm picking up someone I dont know..Hope that helps..ask God or your guides to give you discernment.. love&light D

  • A while back my husband and I took our twin sons down to the beach to look at the frozen ice. I choose to stay in the car because I just had a really weird feeling [uneasyness]. As they walked closer to the bank I could feel myself starting to panic like a panic attack. I had to do everything in my power not to jump out of the car and yell at them to come back. the whole time I watched them my heart was in my throat. As they got back to the car and started to get in my husband wanted to talk about what they had seen, I just cut him off sharply and said get me out of here now..Someone is going to die tonight..I at first thought it was going to be one of my twins fall into the water [instant panic] but as I sit there I kept getting someone else.My friend popped into my mind and I thought no it's her Dad..He was sick with Cancer..He did die that night but they managed to revive him to only live for a week.. I was told I was picking up him giving up to die..

  • LOL my best friend has the same problem with falling asleep! So she decided to set aside the same time everyday, and to meditate sitting up, and to always do it in the same place in her house, she kinda set up a little area. This helped her body to form a routine as well.

    Your body had an internal clock, and if you can train it to recognize 'this' time as meditation time, I think it will be less likely to fall asleep on you...LOL.

    I hope your class helps you out, not just for you but for you patrons...LOL


  • Haha...so glad l am not lonely on falling alseep during meditation!! 🙂

    That's is a really good idea, l think l am going to try that - thank you!

    I did manage to do a little last night, before l fell asleep that is,,,,anyway l just kept getting weird shapes, l can't explain them but they were odd! lol.

    What do you see/hear/feel when you get these feeling, what happens etc??

    Ta again... R xxx

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