Watergirl I really need a reading

  • Greetings Watergirl,

    It's been awhile...I hope your feeling much better, I have read you have been through so much. Thankful for your recovery. May you continue to be blessed for your kindness, caring and most of all your gift!

    I can see your swamped here so I will be brief. I followed the advice you gave me, all went well for awhile, our lives together went through many changes, always ends the same, apart from each other.

    Please do a reading for me concerning where do I go from here with this man, at this point it's very difficult to see through the FOG. Much of what you told me happened, yet we are not together again. We began making plans to live together again, the other woman never went away, his Mother still manipulates. My heart is open for love, am I waiting for nothing with him?

    Every time WE make plans someone always interferes. Could it be that he has been leading me on the whole time, or that he just does not even know what he wants.

    Please advise me on how to proceed in this relationship, if there still is one at all.

    Deeply would appreciate your time & devotion. Urgently awaiting a very much needed reading from you.

    Blessed Be

    Susan E.

    MY DOB: 8-18-1963 His: 5-8-1968

  • Spirit shows me a girl sitting in a chair tied up. So this usually means a loss of power--being unable to move ahead--letting outside energies override YOUR life. You put a lot of energy into "what ifs" like the overweight person who thinks all there problems would cease if they lost weight--you imagine the power of fate is outside working against you--if only his girlfriend went away--if only his mother backed off. You put so much energy into changing things out of your control and expect a different result. The more you control the more it ends up back to square one--you feeling abandoned, frustrated and "waiting" your life on hold. Surely God did not put you here on earth to just be this mans mate. Where is your real life? Live your truth first---you can not fix this man--you give too much. I know you have heard that before. Stay in reality with him--it is what it is--sometimes when it is good you want it so bad you are in denial as to his lack of ability to committ in the way you crave. First, why does he even have to bother? He knows exactly how you think--what you will do--you have not tried anything different. You do all the work and you need him too much--loving and needing are two different things. Love is unconditional yet does have boundries as you can not give so much that you hurt yourself--you must love yourself first--this is not selfish--it is healthy. Needing him so much sends him the wrong message--it gives him permission to to not consider your needs. Is he meeting your needs? The only need he meets is your unhealthy habit of giving too much---allowing yourself to repeat a "helplessness". Let go---and live your best life and give him room to want to change enough to leave. Choose love--do you really think our God would limitt you to one man for love--and one with relationship issues. You deserve love and it is out there. You set the bar--the men you attract can only love you as much as you love yourself. Be good to yourself and let love come to you. You can do this! BLESSINGS

  • HI Watergirl was that reply for me LionHearted the one from Blmoon?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thank you so much...Blessings

  • Hi Blmoon,

    Read your post to me over & over. Waiting & Denial really stood out. Yes, the girl in the corner. The problem I have with this man is he seems to be waiting as well. For what I don't know. Last week we were seriously making a plan to move into his house. He was so happy, he asked me to marry him, again. Things between us have been steady, the other woman was out of his life for 4 months, she began calling he would not answer. She is pushy, and determined to have him, because he walked out on her shortly after living together. The type that likes to get even. His mother is not hard to deal with, yet she manipulates. A few questions, why did he suddenly cut me out of his life 4 days ago? Even changed his phone number? There were words & actions of love, I could tell he was being true, from his heart. Please tell me why he is not with me now. Is there anything I need to do to be there, since he's struggling with addiction, (alcoholic), he left detox against medical advice yesterday, then changed his number. Only spoke with him for a min. then he was gone. After all the planning, packing, getting the other house ready, why would he suddenly change his mind and leave me? The only problem was we were waiting for his mother to go to Florida, now she has. Should I continue to hold out hope that he will come out of this funk, or should I accept that perhaps he's with another woman? I need more insight on what is really going on, so then I can move on. My heart is broken, feel like I should be doing something instead of just letting things go. Does he want me or anyone right now? Cut off like a dead branch!

    Much gratitude for your advise



  • LionHearted-think with your head. He is who he is--and expect no change. As much as he loves you--wants a relationship--wanting and maintaining are two different things. He has issues--responsability and intimacy scare the h ell out of him--he has anxieties and is passive aggressive--he loves in the moment---says what a woman wants to hear. Takes the easy way out so yes he surprises women. You as the LION should be more in charge of your life. You betray yourself first by believing the attraction is enough---what you call real is just an "idea". We are capable of loving, connecting, having sparks with many! BUT that doesn't mean we should--it is a balance of head and heart. You lead from your heart. And no amount of wishing will change the part missing--HE IS NOT LONG TERM COMMITMENT capable right now. He has issues you cannot fix--it's not his girlfriend--his mother or you--IT IS HIS PROBLEM. Use your head. Be honest with yourself. He's sending you a message--believe it. His issue--adiction--alcoholism is a mental illness. Forget making sense of him--it will drain you dry. Mental illness makes no sense--has no logic--that's the face of illness. It ties you up. Also, you only see part of the mother picture--her addiction to him is a result of his dependancy on her. He likes to pretend he is ok without her but the truth is he does not function as an adult--he has serious issues and actually falls apart without her. He resents needing her--in that reflection and habit he can't love any woman without also resenting her. He gets close then runs and will repeat it again and again. Eventually you can not ignore the pattern. I know you do not want to hear this--let go of the parts that tie you up. Your heart says--oh I feel what is real and some how that is enough---the head says a relationship requires more than one aspect. He showed you who he is--believe him. He's a man who can ask you to maryy him--make elaborate plans and love you one moment then disapear--cut you off completely. Your head should be saying--he has seriouse problems and unless I'm addicted somehow to this crazy pain I need to run! untie that girl!

  • Greetings Blmoon,

    Everything you said is so very true. I am trying to let go but it would be easier if I knew why? Where he is and why there is still no word. This is not his usual way with me, he would have a least told me he was leaving or what ever. Could you please help ease my mind as to where he might be? I would feel much better knowing the truth, his family is ignoring me, trying so hard to move on. Feel like I can't until I know he's okay. Help me see where? Please.

    Thank you so much for all your insight, deeply appreciate it.



  • greetings! Watergirl! I hope, you do not mind, but, suddenly, I feel the need, to ask, for a reading, which I 've never, done, before anyway, anywhere, but what, can I "pay" you with? please, august 15, 1949 6:19 pm, and you or someone, please, help, Feangelikah/third knight, please! Sorry, to intrude......Cat in the Moon

  • HI Blmoon,

    I needed you to know something new...he did go back to the other woman. Never sought treatment, as he was planning to. Unbelievable that he went to her, she picked him up took him out of state, without his truck or cell phone. Pathetic to say the least.! My opinion on this is this; he needed another ESCAPE as usual. From prior experiences this will not last like everything else he begins. Still coping with my love loss, keep reading your advice, so grateful for your insight. Sometimes I am so aware yet I go against my gut. Last night I received a phone call from a cell phone # I did not know....message was a country music song. My first thought was call it back then I stopped myself, for I feared it was him, drunk. I sincerely hope she got just what she asked for, I know that sounds vindictive, but she really went out of her way to hurt me. I on the other hand have a good heart, I try to believe good is always given back to all who put it out in the world. Yes, I do feel like a fool for being so "good" to him, yet I learned a real valuable lesson, it was all an "Idea" thankful for the most part I went with my gut when he was asking me for a lot of money to save his homestead. All in all I will never know what will become of him, truth is I still care, but can't help the helpless. Wish I knew why he really left me, there's more to this than meets the eye....had a feeling he was trying to reach out to me, probably a vain attempt to play on my sympathy. Well in short, if you see a new path for me please share it with me, for right now I feel "stuck" there are other options regarding a love life, not sure I should venture that path. Please let me know what you see in my near future, stay alone or partner up with someone. Hope to hear from you, much gratitude for your kindness.



  • He didn't leave you--as in a maliciouse thought process--but you know that or you wouldn't keep hope--you know he is wounded--sick--broken--all the things big hearted fixers are attracted to. You are feeling abandoned--that is a real feeling and an old wound. Actually the other woman can teach you a lesson--better her than you--because in her mind she too is trying to fix him and not as enlightened as you she is just grabbing the wheel and also excepts responsability that is not hers. I n her mind she feels a connection as well with his soul--but does not allow into her head his other truths--I just did a similiar reading for someone as this is a universal growth curve for many healers and empaths. We see the soul of people--their highest possabiilities and don't allow our protector--the male part of our yin and yang to also keep in the light that all of us have manny truths and to ignore that is to first betray ourselves and only then when we betray ourselves can another betray us. That lesson truelly understood and absorbed will change your life quik---understand and respect that and no man will ever betray you again. Of course love is vulnerable and yes you will still get hurt or disapointed but never again betrayed in such a big way that you feel blindsided. You attached your faith too much to his possabilities and his soul but you didn't join heart and head to keep in mind his other truths--he is an addict and he has intimacy issues--unresolved anger towards women--passive agressive and he has a loss of power--he has hidden so much of his life that there is a immaturaty that is childlike and attracts the mothering kind--do you see the circle? The other woman will be disapointed as you can not grab this wheel and change him. He is used to a woman taking control and actually he participates but then resents it--it's a repeat cycle. He feeds the woman's ego that is satisfied with helping him--he in the moment is relieved to be helped and rescued and in the moment it seems real--his gratitude--- but it is the lie he tells himself and you must look with your head and the male protector who carrys the sword for your safety --and always see that which is HIDDEN. He feeds a need in you--own this truth to set yourself free. To need to be needed and heal him is your addiction to him. The hearts addiction. It is real your gift to heal but it is not all powerful. Here is the knowledge that will change your future quik and if you grasp your truth--your part in this you will never attract that again. You must beef up your male energy--Saint Michail is excellent for guiding this energy. This man is capable of change but only when he decides to change and loves a woman enough to respect that big boundry keeping sword she carries. You are not stuck--you are at a crossroads---and the new path makes you pause as it has no map--that's why not changing is so much easier! Keep Saint Michael close to you as this man tempts you to respond back into the same predictable circle--change will come and trust it is all good even when it feels a bit scary as once you get farther down the new road a much more rewarding place awaits and your next man will reflect a new truth---the energy to heal that man--spent on you will have healed your own wound! Trust and truth will never again need to be chased or grabbed for--it will be part of your gift--making you whole! BLESSINGS.

  • Blmoon,

    Your reading has opened my eyes even wider! There's so much in there that I did see, but wanted to ignore. My new path is not clear, one moment at a time. Yes, she will be very disappointed, I know this as a feeling. Thank you for your guidance, for showing me St. Michael as protector. Empathic? Someone once told me I was a comforter, now I see how and why I need to be needed, yet I felt that it was my purpose to help those in need. Looking forward to new ways of using my gift, though not powerful as u said you, sometimes I can really help others, actually some have been drawn to me. I guess I should be grateful I did not answer the call.

    May you be blessed for all the love and care you put out there. Many happy returns!



  • Blmoon,

    There is something I want to share with you about me. My heart is so broken, I can't seem to move forward, nor let go. We loved each other more than in our heads. I am very depressed without him. It may sound desperate to you, but I don't want to be with anyone else. Is there any chance that he will leave her? Does he ever want me in his life, again? When? There is still hope I know....is he with her out of love, or her money, which I did not have? Please let me know I feel like I am dying of a broken heart. Sounds extreme, I did know all about his past he told me so much when he was sober when we were together for yrs. Will he ever come home to me ever, is all I need to know. I can help him with his problems, I was helping until she saw an opening to step in, he was at his lowest, losing a lot, I feel she made a financial offer to him & now he feels obligated to her. Please let me know something, I am in the dark here. Want to be set free of the waiting, so tell me should I wait? We made promises to each other in the past 8 months, and for many yrs prior to this woman. Bottom line, I want to be with him, there is no one else for me, I tried over & over again. Feel like a fool, but my heart is with him. Feel he completes me somehow.

    I will be going to the house 1 more time to confront him, if he's even there. Wish I could accept all of this, just can't at this time. Hard to explain. Does he really love her enough to stay with her in a committed relationship, even though he has issues? What about our relationship, our love? Is it gone forever? Need more insight on where his heart is...is he truly happy now?

    Please respond soon, very grateful for your time & caring.



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