Compatibility Reading Please!!

  • Hi, I'm new to this site. However, I thought I would join and get some much needed insight. My Bf just broke up with me and I wanted to see if someone could give me a compatibilty reading. I want to know if we have a chance to make this relationship work. My bday 3/12/85, his bday 7/9/80.


  • Is that 12th March and 9th July, or 3rd December and 7th September?

  • March 12 1985 and July 9th 1980.


  • This relationship is best for friendship and worst for love. It carries the danger of an unbridled pursuit of pleasure, and dependency. It can easily be addictive, with the pair of you unable to get enough of each other or of the activities you pursue together in the world. Part of the problem is that the relationship goes so deep it has difficulty extricating itself. This high degree of attachment to a person, activity or substance may first be seen as merely habituating or obsessive and only later on as outright addictive. Conscious awareness usually offers the only hope for stopping this process, but you two often ignore any telltale signs or blind yourselves to what is really going on.

    Sex and love addictions are quite common in your combination - your love affair or marriage usually shows at least some trace of this tendency. Warnings are in order from the outset then. Addictions particularly may be prompted by your BF's low self-esteem or lack of confidence and by your need to be important to the point of being idolized. This trait of yours is especially dangerous, in that you sometimes encourage other people to be overly dependent on you. Although sex is often quite rewarding between you, it can become obsessive and possessive, and can stand directly in the way of a realistic and healthy approach to life.

    A friendship can be more long-lasting than a romance but the danger of shared drug use, whether the drugs are alcohol, tobacco or controlled or mind-expanding substances is present here too. If family or friends confront you with the truth, you may respond with denial but you must open your eyes. This relationship, even as a friendship, is very self-deceptive and ultimately not good or healthy for either of you. Together you both may lack the willpower to get your lives on track.

  • Thanks Captain! I wasn’t expecting that response at all. This relationship is very new, we were only dating for three months and he broke it off a couple of days ago. I can't seem to get him out of my mind. After reading this maybe it’s a good thing that it’s over. However, for some reason I don’t feel like it’s over.

  • It's not that you feel it's not over, just that you don't want it to be. You are already experiencing the dependent and addictive magnetism of this relationship.

  • Do you think this relationship can turn out to be good? Do you think he will want to try again?

  • No I don't feel this can turn out well at the moment while you are both so vulnerable to each other and to addiction. Maybe later on down the track you both will have developed more self-control and less dependency.

  • Thank you Captain!

  • Hi Captain, i just found out the my bf DOB is on July 10th not the 9th as I had previously stated. Does that change your reading at all?

  • No.

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