Has anyone ever felt this?

  • I'm not really sure who to share this with, so I thought that I'd ask for your opinions here, guys. I had a strange experience this weekend. I felt my normal self in the morning, in the afternoon I was going to go to my friend's grave (she died last April). I felt quite calm about going to the cemetery (more like this is something I feel strongly I need to do than anything else). A few minutes after arriving to the cemetery I started feeling really strange..like there were too many emotions for me to bear inside and I just couldn't hold them in (that had nothing to do with my friend, it was a general feeling). The air felt so thick as if moving through the sea of something condensed...I felt really tearful and in my heart it was almost a physical pain (n a sense that it was very real). This was not about going to my friend's grave (I didn't even find it at the end, unfortunately), it was all about being at the cemetery..I realise this might read strange, obviously, there can't be a lot of happy feelings you associate cemetery with. But there is one thing feeling sad, deep in thought, humble about going to the cemetory and another thing what I felt (and I've never ever felt like this before..) I'm just really trying to understand what it was...I practically ran out of there and couldn't pull myself together for a few hours after that..

    I would really appreciate if anyohe shared what they think or feel about this..has anyone ever felt this before?

  • I remember when we were teens, my friends and I would routinely walk through a cemetery that was on the way to high school. One winter day , while walking through the cemetery, I felt a wave of intense warmth for just a few seconds. Several of my relatives are buried there. I got the impression that it was my Grandmother and what I felt was love. You may be very sensitive to other-worldly vibes too, Unikta. Perhaps someone else has more insight to share...

  • Glad I'm sitting down! When I was in my 20's I had a dream. No reason for it. I was living in NY. Cremereties had barley nothing on the plots. I moved in 1989 tp AZ. In mi dream it was sunnny, I knew exacty where to gp. I was in jeans and a tee-shirt. I was driving a light purple car. I noticted many details. As I drove up there where ppl in lawn chairs, some were sitting like a piknens, there were also ballons and pin-wheels It looked likr a celebration! In my dream I got out of my car like I knew the pjace and started walking backwards from my car. As I walked I was going back in time Nothing was familiar. There was events and ppl I never had no knowlede of, I just kept going back, oddly they knew me! At one point it was drak and a bunch of ppl were hidding waiting to harm me. I was in a beautiful white carriage with red velorer .. seats. The man was africian-American, he had a hat like pres. Lincoln . He was vert respectul and kind. I swnswd the ppl after me and bolted out of the carriage. I knew my grandmothers house was near-by. I ran but I was looking for someone. I kept running and the ground was rumbling. I thought if I could ony get to her house I'd be safe. I could see her house. I stopped and being terrified turned and I saw a big celtic cross. It was her's. I woke up freaking out and very confused. The kicker is yrs. later we (hubby and me moved to AZ. My grandmother had long passed(not where I saw her in my dream). I had never been to a cemetery in AZ. My husbands dad passed and we went yo bury him. It was the same cemetery I dreamt about, the same car, and yes there were ppl just like in my dream. It took everything in me mot to faint! I summoned the courge to ask the ppl who were hanging out eating and so forth what they were doing there.They said they were celebrating their departed and brought the ballons and pinwheels for them. I have thought about this many times . I truly want an answer. Any answers for this???? Thanks to anyone whohas with insight.

  • sorry meant to say Thanks to anyone who had insight about this.

  • Thanks so much for posting your stories Archersbow and Sparkle!

    It's good to know you had a similar experience too, Archersbow. I've never really had this kind of sensitivity before, but maybe you can develop it later on in life..I don't know..I gues I'll see 🙂

    It's quite an amazing experience you had, Sparkle! Wow! I've never had dreams like that. Maybe it was quite an important point in your life, so your subconsciousness was trying to draw your attention to this..

  • Sparkle, this sounds like a precognitive dream to me. You dreamed your future as well as, I think, your past. I also thin that this was a message from your Grandmother to have courage and not be afraid of the future. That Celtic cross is a symbol of that courage and who you are. Have you ever delved into her history? I believe she would want you to! You know, purple is the color of royalty. Maybe your ancestry consists of royalty...

  • Thank you Unikta and archersbow. It is a relief to talk to others who have had this experience. Archersbow I am into geneology and have traced some of her line. I also have documentation of being celtic! In all my long hours and digging this line is a brick wall. I dearly loved her mom and it was very special. She was protective of me. I traced her back to her parents, her dad was a fireman. That's as far as I've gotten. I will continue to look. It's difficult because he came from germany. Thanks for the boost I felt that I'd never find the answer. Unikta I think you are right about developing gifts later in life. Sometimes we miss the signs, or they come to us when we need them. I suggest you be alert sometimes it's the smallest events that open our doors. Hope to hear from you both again.

  • Change, no matter how small - can be felt like a horrid thing. If it's small, you could cover it up and ignore the ugly truth that it's still alive. (( Remember the good times you had with loved ones - even if they are too few and far in between.)) Leave out the awful things... and somehow, you will feel that warm embrace that was felt missing in one's life.

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