Would someone kindly shed some light on this relationship

  • i would just like to know if this is a long term relationship or friends with benefits... i have called many psychics on keen.com and well i still need a confirmation. i may be mistaken but it seems a tad bit more legit coming from people who do not charge. thanks in advance.

    janet feb 7 1990

    luke feb 12 1984

    new york new york

  • The cards show you leaving this relationship. You are still lingering maybe due to boredom. What will help you overcome is your relationship w/friends, people you know who make you feel accepted. I drew the 5 of Coins in the You position. Usually, when I draw this for people it means they would really like a relationship to bloom into marriage. Things haven't gone where you'd like them to and it's time to speak up. You don't want to go there--in other words. Too little attention in intellectual life.

    This reading is showing that after this period where you leave, you'll actually be happier. A better relationship is in the future. I drew the 2 of Cups in your future along with the 6 of Cups.

    You are seeking help, spiritual help re current relationship. You don't have to trudge thru life. Re current environment, again you feel the need to raise your voice. I can understand this being Aquarius also.

    In your hopes and fears I think you feel he is cheating. Actually, you are just breaking away.

    The Outcome for this situation is very vague. Demand for a change.

    Reading shows you have those who care about you. I would hang out w/friends as it shows a brighter future.

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  • Hi, Your reading spoke several times of you wanting to speak-up. I don't know anything about your relationship specifically. I feel that you are giving-up part of your true self to be in a position that's acceptable to him. I wouldn't deny your true self, be yourself. I can see where you're confused as the outcome was confusing. You can be yourself around those who care about you. That's where your future happiness is. Look at it from this perspective--live to make yourself happy. When he notices you enjoying life and yourself maybe things will change between the two of you.

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