Ace of Cups

  • I have had this card constantly reappearing all year. I am in touch with a friend from way back and we communicate most days and plan to meet next year. Does this card have any significance in relation to my situation with him?

  • This cup may represent a new strong love relationship coming into your life depending so much on the type of spread and where it appears. Is there only one card you draw? What are the others? If you have the feeling to do so, think of your situation with this friend and ask what you need to know. Draw three cards together from the rainbow. (of course I always ask for wisdom, guidance, and blessings, sending love and healing peace to whomever it is I am asking about) I would be curious wha you draw. I come on the computer once in a while, and would love to see what answer you got. Remember, only if you are truly feeling like asking. And also sometimes you are directed to something of more importance at that particular time. Something else you need to know. Still this is a wonderful card. Enjoy the beauty of it! Manifest it! Sincerely, persevera

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