• Soul Transitions Vibe Report January 2011

    a message from The Vastness of Being channeled by Nancy Leilah Ward



    2011 is a year of integrating all the clearing and opening work we’ve been doing for so long. Much of the past years, especially 2010, has been about self love – clearing away all that is untrue within us and loving ourselves deeply. In 2011 we have the opportunity to integrate all that we have learned about ourselves in the process of clearing untruth from our energy field and our lives.

    Already, 2011 has been eventful as far as personal insights and transformation goes. I literally felt myself “sliding” into this year on my two feet with arms outstretched, like riding a skateboard. It’s as if I jetted out into this new place… so as I look around… it’s kind of mysteriously dark but I see feelings, thoughts and ideas lighting up like organic growing luminous things in this indigo landscape… and up ahead… maybe a few months from now, I see radiance. I see a really bright shining light radiating iridescent rainbow colors in all directions. This light is coming from a geometric shape – a star dodecahedron. We are heading for this light. There will be chaos and unexpected bumps and pillars to navigate but grace overlights our way.

    New Vision, by Nancy Leilah Ward

    Beams of Illumination

    There are other, smaller lights pulsating like a mystical disco ball, shining down beams of light. If we step into a beam, we can have an experience of illumination which will lead to integration and clearing the remnants of the wounding that we have been working on healing. It isn’t about wiping something away, pushing it away or covering it up – that process doesn’t work! It’s about illuminating with awareness and integrating the information through compassion and love. This is how the wound is healed, or cleared, from our Soul’s energy field.

    Truth is being revealed

    The guides tell me this is, indeed, a year of radiance, for the Light will reveal Truth and the truth shall set us free. There will be some events that open up a whole new way of looking at humanity and “history.” The truth about the origin and development of humanity has been surfacing for awhile now and those who have been looking for answers have found some interesting information. But there is going to be an event that will be an awakening… a dawning of truth. What it is, they won’t tell, for there is a surge and download of energy in the spontaneity of this illumination that will be diffused if all is revealed ahead of time.

    However, I feel that part of this has to do with full disclosure on UFOs and extraterrestrials. This information is already coming forward and the Vastness of Being have been saying that all the clearing and realigning that we’ve been doing is not only for us to fully embody our Soul, our God-Self, but it is also preparing us for when we meet our brothers and sisters from “elsewhere.”

    Fear is losing its grip

    In the last year many have experienced their lives being totally rearranged. We can say a prayer that all the deep changes and releasing that we have undergone will help us to see the gift of these changes, for they have occurred to align us with our truth.

    Fear is a form of energy that carries a dense resonance and we can attach any story we want to it. But it is simply energy. And we are learning that fear has no power over us, for we are Divine Spirit, which is the life force that flows through us.

    Many of us are beginning to notice that the fear we have felt over the last few years doesn’t stay with us for very long anymore. It’s like a dark heavy blanket that is rising off of us, because as we continue to raise our vibration, the fear no longer has places where it can stick or hook into. There’s an element of not caring anymore when fear begins to seep in – or a feeling of refusing to give in to the fear because, no matter how much fear or worry we have felt, we’re still OK, we’re still here. Some have seen their worst fears come true in the past year or so and yet they are still here and still growing and still witnessing the changes in their lives – and seeing that they are at a new beginning.

    If this doesn’t ring true for you yet, bring yourself into the moment of now when fear comes in and use your breath to center into your body. Then allow your 7th chakra – crown chakra – to open and call in the Divine Spirit. Fear can make us feel separate from all of life including our connection to Spirit. Focusing on the 7th chakra and opening to Source energy helps us to perceive the bigger picture – our connection to the mystery of All That Is and our participation in this incredible time of transformation as we humans are growing into our God Selves. We are part of the great cleanup program. I have found that it helps to look at my life as an adventure from the stillness of the moment of now, moving into each moment of now… like an endless fractal of possibility that is guided by my intentions and emotions.

    When fear shows up, you may notice that there are some places where this blanket of fear sticks – it’s sticking to part of the wound that needs more healing – like a scab that isn’t ready to come off. (Sorry – I just can’t think of another analogy!) Try loving the wound. Try sending love, pure love to the entire situation and all the people involved including, of course, yourself. Call on the Divine Feminine energy to pour the nurturing nectar of love and compassion on the wound. And then bask in it. Cry if you need to, but be sure to bask, soak in all that love.

    Love is the greatest energy we can cultivate for healing on every level. So be sure to feel that love within you – the love you have for yourself – every day. Find it first thing in the morning when you wake up. And right before you go to sleep – bask in love – feel it inside of you.

    If you’ve been asking for clarity or release regarding a certain issue in your life, you will manifest all you need to heal or clear it, but it most likely won’t come in a way you think it will. Sometimes we don’t recognize the message or the messenger right away.

    Within our genetic codes is the energy of persecution

    In addition to honoring and loving ourselves, we are now addressing the issue of persecution.

    For the first week of this New Year I was immersed in a process of bringing awareness to a wound that involved this energy. This wound has been rising into the light of my awareness because I have been asking for help to clear this particular feeling of discordance that I have felt all of my life. There is an experience from another life that has kept this energy active in my energy field.

    This is how it looks to me: my Soul is linked to this other lifetime (usually other lifetimes are referred to as “past” lifetimes, but I feel they are all happening at once in different timelines) and so I, in this current life, am directly affected by the unfinished business of other lifetimes that my Soul is expressing in.

    Soul Integration

    Through profound realizations and direct communication with an ancestor of mine, who is also another life that my Soul is experiencing, I have been able to integrate this life experience and bring this part of myself into the light of my awareness. I actually brought her out of the darkness into the light of the present moment, and into my heart. This involved a conversation with her where I was able to show her a different way of looking at the situation of her life in relation to our shared Soul’s experience.

    By bringing the light of awareness to the energy of discordance we feel, we illuminate the situation that activated the wound within us. If we allow ourselves to fully feel each aspect of the pain that is associated with the wound, we can bring it into our heart and forgive ourselves. We can bring the person from this other lifetime out of the darkness where they were stuck and integrate them into our heart.

    In doing so, we integrate the experience and clear the dense energy that was blocking our ability to be our authentic self. Being our authentic self means to bring our Soul fully into our being. So in this process of bringing the light of our Soul into our being, the wound comes to the surface. Filling ourselves with the elixir of love is the healing balm that soothes the wound and bringing the light of awareness in helps us to integrate more of our Soul into our being. Round and round it goes.

    This is graduate school in the awakening process

    To look at the wound is to face all that we deny in ourselves. Staying within our Faith that the Divine Source Energy – the Love Force Energy – is within us – within our hearts – will help us to remain steadfast so that when the waves of feelings and memories flood through us we can simply witness the flow, acknowledging with compassion what we have so harshly judged ourselves for. After the flood of the wounded feelings, we come to realize that our Soul wanted to experience the separation from Divine Source. It is simply our Soul experiencing all that is possible here on Earth. This realization is redeeming and helps us to release the judgment that we have been holding against ourselves and others. We take our power back, as we no longer see ourselves as victims or victimizers. We are simply Spirit having a Physical experience. No judgment. And now we choose consciously the energy we wish to experience… we choose the energy, and leave the details to Divine Source as we co-create our world.

    A wonderful side effect of this experience is that we no longer find it possible to judge others.

    Changing the past

    Another side effect is that as we heal the wounds from our deep past – which means our ancestors and our other lifetimes, we will be changing what we know of as “history.” So how will this show up in our world? I feel it has something to do with the radiant big light – the star dodecahedron [–Poinsot_polyhedron] – that I see shining out as I scan into 2011. This particular sacred geometry stimulates the heart chakra and brings our conscious awareness into higher perceptions. The 12 stellated points activate our energy bodies and help to integrate the polarities of feminine and masculine energy. This sacred geometric shape awakens compassion and love, and stimulates the pineal gland, which awakens our intuitive/psychic awareness and activates telepathic abilities.

    So, whatever this radiance will bring about for humanity, it is strong medicine indeed.

    And, as I said before, we also have smaller star dodecahedrons of light shining down, providing us with opportunities to receive energy and illumination for whatever we need on our journey. There are many portalways that we are passing through and each is an opportunity for acceleration and growth. So stand in that light whenever you perceive it… or just ask it to come to you and vision yourself receiving the light through sacred geometry.

    And now a message on where we are heading from the Vastness of Being, received just after midnight on 1/1/11

    This New Year is opening into many diverse realms. A radiance is coming from Humanity and will continue to grow as you love yourselves. As you feel love – happiness – peace welling up within you and radiating outward. This radiance is a beacon of light. This radiance carries the resonance of love and it is growing and expanding. As it grows, it reaches out… radiates out from Earth just as the light of Helios, your sun, radiates outward. This radiance will bring forth much joy and blessings to humanity.

    As this radiance grows, you will move into another dimension – all – including the Earth – will move into another dimension. The moment of now is all you will know and you will feel free like a child. And as you all make this dimensional shift, everything upon earth will come alive as it never has been before. Your experience of life will be enhanced beyond words. And earth and all who dwell upon her will be a beacon drawing in energies of joy. A new world – a new humanity will arise – and you will come to know who you are. You will see yourselves in each others eyes and you will no longer be separated by teachings and religions, by color or race. You will celebrate your diversity.

    You will no longer feel the need to lie to one another because each will honor their own truth and have no need to push their will onto another.

    Humanity will no longer be manipulated by those who wish to see humanity kill one another. The force that lives off of hatred, despair and fear will not be able to find those emotions in humanity any longer for humanity will be radiating love.

    Each and every person’s heart radiates happiness, a feeling of well being. As feelings of fear are refused, as you turn away from fear and embrace well-being and happiness, you will see the fear releasing its hold, its grip and you will forget fear because feeling good is such a relief and feels so much better.

    And so in this New Year you will experience the feelings of happiness and well being – you will find yourselves letting go of the habit of fear and saying yes to the radiance within you. It is the consciousness of humanity that will rise and shine as you come to know yourselves as the creators by conscious choice that you are.

    Love, beauty, fun, freedom… all are within you and you will come to know this. You have much support and guidance always.

    Rejoice! Behold your new world, the deep truth of your souls are shining within you. Bask in the good feeling and when it gets rough, when you feel the fear being activated, breathe into the inner radiance – you will see it expanding outward, lifting the fear. The radiance is already within you. The tentacles of fear will no longer be able to find anything to attach to within you. This is available and happening to all.

    The Holy Spirit of Humanity is awakening – see yourselves as Divine Beings as you take back your power and return to the simplicity of love and happiness that is your birthright. The radiance moves within you from the inside out.

    A prayer: “Please remove all that is not my truth.”

    You may feel all that is not your truth as a shroud lifting away from you as the Radiance glows from inside out.

    This is happening to the earth as well. She is receiving the radiance deep within and as it glows outward it is transforming that which doesn’t resonate with love. This is reflected in volcanic and seismic activity upon the Earth.

    Know that all is well. Those who leave the planet at this time do so by choice. They are complete. Many will be carrying away with them the energy of fear – the dense energy as it is released, so it is as if, when these souls leave the physical, they are doing a service by carrying off the dense shadow of toxic human response to the force of fear that has been active on Earth for so long. These souls will be embraced by the light of consciousness.

    All is well. All are in alignment with their highest path and purpose. You will witness the joy and sorrow from your place of center and calm knowing that all is well.

    For as you move into higher dimensions, judgment falls away and you can witness the unfoldment with the eyes of Buddha.

    With love and humility, we share these messages with you.

    Nancy Leilah Ward


    The Vastness of Being

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