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  • well, as you can tell i wasnt afraid!!!! and im normally shy!!, i dont look like the normal sensitive guy huh? being 6'5 and amazingly i never played foot ball in highschool(i still kick myself for that) LOL but im still do i get my sagitarious symbol on my avatar? cant figure it out, just hit me......did i really just post my pic on here? yep there it is lol ahh whatever i highly doubt ill see anyone in real life on here, well some people here do live in AZ also but whatever lol yeah i think it would be cool to see all these wise women on here that have helped me so much lol ive only been on this site for a month? or two? i dunno but yeah theres alot of great people on here that help complete strangers lol even though im only 21, i think i maybe helped some people so that makes me feel good haha

  • I used to post photos but once I posted on an online forum and then there was a fight going on in this forum and all of the sudden I was having really bad month. I didn't even contribute to it, I was just new to that place. So negative energy did find its way to me somehow, through my photo. I took down my photo and just as soon as it started, it was gone. My days returned to normal, no headache, no heavy feelings I didn't know where it came from. I also gained a friend in that forum, who also posted her photo at the time and she was either 'stalked' or received strange calls where as she didn't post her real name or anything that can make them able to trace her in such a way.

    There were other things that still continued but those were problems I experienced prior to posting the photo. So I'm not posting photos online anymore regardless what people say. There are those who call me 'chicken' or 'hiding my gender' LOL nobody can make me do what I don't want to do. Unless the universe kicks my butt for it, I won't.

    Different people has different energy trace. Some people leave energy trace that is visible or felt by those who may have the ability to track them down if necessary. Those who can trace energy, they will only need an item belonging to others and they can trace whoever they want. I don't have this ability for sure, but there is no telling who has it among so many people online, and what their intentions are. Even if these are just regular people who happen to live in the same town I still need to protect myself. I've been called many names, so more name calling will not make me let my guard down.

  • If there was a way to delete a post shortly after posting it, I would put up my picture for a bit. But I don't want to do it if it's going to always be up because I don't want to run the risk of someone I know...knowing i'm here. Especially cause i've asked some personal questions around here.

    Although anyone who actually knows me could probably figure out who I am by things said...

  • Well, there may be as much for it as not, contributing to consciousness as well as to the unconscious ways of seeing, we are inherently talented of having and developing ... as to surpise ...

    We may not know each other by a picture, although it ads to projection by itself 🙂

    It depends, maybe?

  • it's not an up to date one as I now have hair that is closer to platinum blonde, and this was my red phase last year, I don't get monks in our house, (mice,only in the winter) but I do have a little boy, and a few cats,not all mine (not in the fur any more), and something smallish, dark and fast moving, that is the size of a large crow, and seems very shy of being seen

  • it didn't fit, so I'll have to get hubby to take one with my phone, which will be up to date, with my newly growing in platinum blonde, (in our house we don't go grey, we go silver, or platinum blonde, not white, it sounds more fun), the pic on my postings is a cat that stayed with us on our allotment for a few months until we found his owner, he had a chip fitted so a friend of mine , who has a sanctuary, scanned him and took him back to his owner for us, and so it ended happily ever after..but I miss him

  • I like to use my angel as a picture posting Luana white witch

  • I got it, it's a bit fuzzy, but the camera isn't that good on my Nokia, as it's about 4 years old now

  • still too big, I'll try again later

  • I will get one on but it will take a while, but my 'guests' seem more active since I decided to try, not in a bad way, just more here,especially the little boy,who seems to be watching me, just not visibly, I sense him here, as if he's curious, I wonder if he's my hubby's elder brother who died shortly after he was born, but then he had a sister, born after him who also died soon after she was born too, and I don't sense her..yet, and as his mum had caesarian births, they probably were born in hospital, not at the house, and I don't know much about human spirit houseguests at all

  • honestly i dont care if anyone that knows me in person uses this website(which i very highly doubt) cause most people see me as the big, intimidating, scary guy, which as everyone should know by now thats not me at all, my teachers called me "a big teddy bear" lol so if people that think im scary find out how i really am, maybe ill make more friends? lol so for me its all positive for me at least, and i highly doubt if someone seen what i typed and they knew me that they would say that im a pansy, or call me worse things, cause come on all my life noones had the Balls to do so, which wouldnt bother me that much, cause im not the normal guy that needs to prove anything to anyone, to show how "tough" i am, cause i already know and thats all i need, i hate how alot of guys think they have to be a Billy Bad A** ughh lol

  • personally I think you look quite cute, but then that's my opinion, as you are similar in looks and build to my hubby except you are tidier and younger, see

  • another one didnt fit, I'll try again

  • did'nt work, but I'm sure you can imagine for yourself

  • cool , way to go bluedawn! i was wondering if i should take mine off, im in real estate so it was a normal thing for me to post me pic...i may take it down later and do the gemini thing.

  • Hello all,

    Personally I think it can be kinda daring when you post your picture, especially when your baring your soul to alot of people! Although, I must say this site has alot of beautiful people inside and out ! So, I'm gonna post my picture and then take it off just so I can say I was a dare devil for 2.5 seconds.... lol

  • Hi to all, I am new here today 🙂 though I have been a member of the site since 2007. Took 2 years to get to the blogs, lol! Thought I'd jump right in....

  • oh, last rry...doesn't seem to post pic :]

  • no mine didn't I thought mobile phone one was small enough, but obviously not, I shall be working on it

  • got mine up, but on another thread re past lives, the universe is playing with me, probably for my own good, I hope

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