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  • Here's another one!

    Happy Mother's Day~

  • SekhmetGoddess

    Nice to see you!! and everyone else who decided to post a pic! Idon't feel so all alone now!!! LOL

  • Ok I will show mine too. Before my chemo and after ok?

  • I think that was too big I will try again. This would be the after. Just two weeks ago. And let me try one from 92' and see if its smaller.

  • Well I don't know how to make them smaller sorry.

  • Do you have photo shop? You could email me a picture and I could try to make it smaller.

    Do you have any photo programs in your pc?

    Peace and Unity

  • SekhmetGoddess

    how are you sleeping? Has the dark monk come back again?

    I hope you are Ok and that you feel a bit more reassured and at peace..after all those people who tried to advise and help you.... I hope so!

  • Thanks Nefratiti,

    Sleeping good comes and goes. And there are still several people here on this site helping me out with several different things. Thanks for asking. How have you been? Anything new? Are you going to post your picture? I've been frustated lately. If you read my other post, other than the dark monk you'd understand. Try Feng Shui.

    Peace and Unity

  • Hey SekhmetGoddess,

    I am ok thankyou apart from a mischeveous ghost/spirit who just as I am falling asleep pulls all my bedclothes off!! It only ever happens when i am bit streesed and has been happening to me for several years. I am just dropping off to sleep and then all my bedclothes get pulled off but just before that i can feel them being billowed around and pulled at and someone is definitely trying to pull them off me its really bizarre I used to be terrified but I have got used to it now.

    It could be a recurring dream i suppose but when i wake up all the covers are all over the place...

    I get the feeling its a naughty mischeveous spirit but not anyone I fear at all. Last night I said stop it i m tired i dont want to play any more...


    I have never ever told anyone in case they thought i was mad but it happened again last night!!

    Got to be honest I would rather have that than your dark monk- as you know I am terrified of monks in general

    love and happiness your friend Nefratiti


  • Hi


    Well, I guess if its not one thing its another. Hun? Honestly. at this point I think I'd rather have my 'This Dark Monk" I have learned whether good or bad I know his been around me since I'm three. Maybe earlier and I do not remember. And as long as he does not manifest himself, I have learned to just ignore him.

    And I wear Tigers Eye, Black Tourmaline, and an Evil Eye bracelet at night to sleep, each and every night. That combination has allowed me to sleep peaceful again.

    How ever if some thing was pulling at my bedding. I'd be running to my safe room. Where the light is kept on. Now, that I heard and shared with others, I know we are not the only ones.

    Peace and Unity

  • SekhmetGoddess

    Ha ha I know..... it used to really scare me but it has happened to me for a while now since childhood and i think its a naughty ghost who wants to have some fun. Last night I had enough and said stop I dont want to play and it did. The naughty little thing. But it doesnt scare me .

    It f unny isnt it really?? I know its nothing to do with my house as it has followed me around.

    First of all the bedding starts going up and down and then it all satrts to be pulled off me.

    I wonder if it has happened to anyone else.

    It does it just as i am about to fall asleep!!

    Good job we arent staying in the same place or live in the same place as your hooded monk and my spirit would try to outdo each other!!



  • Hi


    LOL 🙂

    OR: May be they would just keep each other occupied, and not bother us any more. 🙂

    Peace and Unity

  • SekhmetGoddess

    I guess the cool thing is that I can talk about it you to and others on this site without them thinking me completely mad!! Havent really told anyone before about it apart from one of my brothers and has similar experiences so he understands.


    Did you get your picture sorted out in the end? I am trying to find one I like to post......

  • Hi


    Well don't worry about it. If you do not FEEL comfortable sharing with your friends and family out side of here, then don't.

    I wanted to share this site a couple of times with a couple of acquaintance's but did not for the same reason. This site is like my private place from those. as you would say think we're mad. LOL

    Or just plain nutty, nuts.

    Have a great day. 🙂

    Peace and Unity

  • Nefratiti it isn't that I don't know which picture I want to use I have to make them smaller and a friend of mine showed me how so I need to figure out exactly how and when to do it. I will figure it out I am not real good with some of the ways of working my computer. I will get it one way or another.

  • I am not sure how to do it either as I have only just bought my lap top..... but I will find a nice picture and try to have a go!!

    Hope you are ok and life is being good and kind to you

  • Any new members gonna post a pic?

    Peace and Unity

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi,

    it is nice to see who you are talking to, but I agree not everyone wants to post a photo, personally , I feel fine about it, plus some Psychics can get more info & insight from a photo.

  • lets see if the pictures worked first............

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