TO Post or not to Post your Picture on

  • Does any one have an opinion about posting there picture here on this site?

    Some do, other do not, why? Just wondering. Please express your pros and cons here.

    Thank you


  • hello SekhmetGoddess

    well interesting question but personally I wouldnt.

    I have recently just bared my soul about a man I love to a whole host of strangers on this site and I would not realy want anyone to recognise me. I have my sign of Taurus as I love astrology and that is what I am most into but personally I think having the anonymous protection makes it easier to reveal your thoughts and fears and maybe even secrets without anyone who MAY know you being able to identify you. I just feel safer that way besides with all due respect to my fellow people who so far have all been lovely you just never know if someone a bit obsessive or weird may tap in and work out who you are. Just my thoughts also professionally I would not want my reputation affected or anyone I may know to find out all my innermost questions and thoughts etc whereas on this site you are never judged and I find it is easier to confide and get objective answers from strangers!

  • I agree Nefratiti. I feel that having the zodiac avatar is fun though.

  • I would like to see everyone I'm talking with. I will eventually post my picture somewhere. I need to post here have a lot of questions brewing in my mind.

  • rnrchick

    Yes it is isnt it? I love the zodiac avatar cos I dont know as much about some signs as others so it gives an idea on those people a bit altho I know it can be a bit general but still.... for instance I dont know many Librans or Capricorns or Geminis really so you can find out a little more. Nice that you can just pick your own name and talk to anyone on the site with similar interests and so far I have had some lovely replies to stuff. Wish I had done it years ago!

  • Dalia

    i guess its a really personal thing. As I said I wouldnt have my picture on but I can see its nice to know who you are talking to, One of the other things which is quite interesting is that I had a few replies from people and I didnt know if they were male or female. One person I always assumed was female later on turned out to be male which is interesting.

    Yes this is a brilliant site i am a new but I love it and people are so supportive and give great advice and in a way if they dont actually know you its even better.

    I think in time anyway everyone sees familar names coming up and then they get a feel for what kind of person they are anyway. So.... if you have questions fire away this is definiltely the place to do it!!!

  • Hi,

    Well, I have not been here for a couple a weeks first, a PC problem and emergency surgery all in a week. 😞 I had to build a new PC and I'm recovering from surgery, it really sucked having no PC while I was recovering. Any who. So, I'm back. 🙂

    Well, I can see both sides I wanted to post a picture. But..... on another another topic I went off about a Dark Monk. Now, I feel like if I post a picture and some one knows me. They may think I'm crazy. Hun?

    So, I guess I won't for now.

    Thanks for all your input. Everybody.


  • ha ha oh Sekhmet

    I did smile when I saw your post because I have a fear of monks and when all the monk stuff started coming out you had sent I said to one of my firends Oh my God no I have never seen the hooded monk and I kinda envied those that had cos they must have real psychic ability etc.. but I would actually have a heart attack if I woke up in the night and saw a hooded or any other kind of monk cos since I was little I have alwyas been afraid of them.. all that celibacy and hair shirts flagration strange hair cuts and those drinks you can buy which says made by the monks which i am convinced has some suspicious ingredient in it.

    Sorry to anyone who may have a friend or relative who is a monk.. I am terrified of them I am trying to find out what the name is for anyone who has a fear of them..

    So when I saw your post above it did make me smile I dont think you are mad just think u are all v brave any of you who have seen one

    makes me quiver and shiver!! Think i might start a new topic IS ANYONE ELSE AFRAID OF MONKS??

    I live in an Edwardian (converted stable) adjoining what used to be The Big House I have seen a young lady wearing a green cape about 3 times and so did the lady i bought the house off of she never said a thing til I asked her about it now that young lady is fragile looking with red hair and she wears a green cape she looks sad. She died in Odstock burns unit she was in an accident I have her death certificate with the deeds. Now she is sweet and serene she doesnt scare me at all but if a monk appeared I would be petrified

    Thought I would just share that with you!! Totally off the original subject I know..


  • I would say it's personal preference, I thought about putting a picture of myself in there, but I kinda thought well I don't want people deciding things about me on first glance. Since I've been here I don't worry about that as much, everyone seems to be awesome, open, and insightful...

    so I'll be brave and post one...LOL

  • Great picture BleuDawn!

  • yes that is a really nice picture

  • Yes, very nice picture, you are very pretty.

    But, me I'm still chicken. Maybe............ I'll think about it.


  • Hi, its me. 🙂


  • Wow you did it!! That is a gorgeous picture you brave thing!! Hm maybe this will set a trend


  • hi,i'm new to site, and even to computer communing,thinking about thread that started me scrolling

    and reading.experiences as aries that i wonder if are more usual for aries to have than other of them is i find other people just think i will come up with the solution if there is a problem we run into as a group.the other side of that is, i very often think i have the answer,and want us to try my way 1st.and then there is the thing where i do have answers to questions and have no idea how i where i got the information.

    and then of course the time that seems endless when i expect answers from myself and come up with zero and just want to die.

    that is a little serious,my mate just died,he was a saj and we were soulmates and my world is upside down, and physical adjustments,not to mention psychic seem unsurmountable. i ended up off subject.

    the photos you guys posted are beautiful,may good fortune follow you.


  • I personally like to see who I may be chatting with,theres alot to be said about looking at a person face to face. I find I can at least get a sense of what type of person you are by looking into there eyes, my self Ihave had alot of people tell me that I talk with my eyes. I truely am not afraid of letting people see a pic of me just because some times others can see some thing about a person that they don't and could be helpful to here ya go me,I would be interested on seeing what other people can see that maybe I don't.

    love and light to all.

  • Anngora

    that is a really lovely picture too. I think you have a very understanding face and I bet you are a good listener and give great advice!! Yeah I know its difficult to tell from a picture but my immediate thoughts are that you look like a genuine and caring person with a good heart.

    I bet you would be very supportive in a crisis and that you would go out of your way to help anyone.(especially firneds loved ones and family but strangers too).

    I also see from your face that you may have suffered some hurt pain or disappointment in your life as you do look as if there is some sadness in your eyes and also you smile is maybe not so big here as it may be on another day??

    I am probably way off!!!!!

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